QtitanChart Changelog

QtitanChart changelog:

Version 6.2.8

Added: Moved to QtitanBase.dll 2.8.0.

Version 6.2.7

Added: Moved to QtitanBase.dll 2.7.0.

Version 6.2.6

Added: Moved to QtitanBase.dll 2.6.0.
Added: WindowTitleBar refactoring.
Added: Support for Qt6-python - PySide6.
Fixed: QtitanFastInfoset crashes during parsing big files.

Version 6.2.5

Added: Moved to QtitanBase.dll 2.5.0.

Version 6.2.4

Added: Moved to QtitanBase.dll 2.4.0.

Version 6.2.3

Added: Moved to QtitanBase.dll 2.3.1.

Version 6.2.2

Added: Moved to QtitanBase.dll 2.3.0.

Version 6.2.1

Added: Moved to QtitanBase.dll 2.2.1.

Version 6.2.0

Added: Moved to QtitanBase.dll 2.2.0.
Added: Added support for Java/FastInfoset.

Version 6.1.1

Added: Moved to QtitanBase.dll 2.1.0.
Added: Added support for Qt6.2.3.
Added: Support for Windows 11.
Fixed: Update Python bindings.

Version 6.1.0

Added: Moved to QtitanBase.dll 2.0.0.
Added: Support for Qt6.

Version 6.0.12

Added: Moved to QtitanBase.dll 1.8.0.

Version 6.0.11

Added: Moved to QtitanBase.dll 1.7.0.

Version 6.0.10

Added: Moved to QtitanBase.dll 1.6.0.

Version 6.0.9

Fixed: The standard style palette is not updated when switching a system theme.

Version 6.0.8

Added: Adapted for QtitanBase.dll 1.5.0.
Added: Support for Qt5.15.2.
Added: Support fo Visual Studio 2019.

Version 6.0.7

Added: Adapted for QtitanBase.dll 1.4.0.
Fixed: Component is not compiled with QT_NO_CAST_FROM_ASCII define. Replacing QLatin1String to QStringLiteral.

Version 6.0.6

Added: Adapted for QtitanBase.dll 1.3.2.
Fixed: Issues with the PySide2 support.

Version 6.0.5

Added: Adapted for QtitanBase.dll 1.3.1.

Version 6.0.4

Added: Adapted for QtitanBase.dll 1.3.0.
Added: Qt5.14 support.

Version 6.0.3

Fixed: Adapted for QtitanBase.dll 1.2.5.

Version 6.0.2

Fixed: App does not work with Qt::AA_EnableHighDpiScaling and Qt::AA_UseHighDpiPixmaps flags enabled.

Version 6.0.1

Fixed: The problem with the build under Qt5.0-5.7

Version 6.0.0

Added: Support for Python based on PySide2.
Added: Support for Qt5.12.
Fixed: A set of minor issues were fixed.

Version 5.2.0

Added: Open-High-Low-Close chart series.
Added: Candle Stick chart series.
Added: Chart::setTransparentBackground(true/false) allows to make the background of the chart completely transparent.
Fixed: All known bugs were fixed.

Version 5.1.0

Added: Reservation function for data points- void ChartSeries2D::reserve(int size).
Added: Ability to add array of points for convenience. const QVector& ChartSeries2D::addXY(...), const QVector& ChartSeries2D::addXY(...)
Fixed: The rendering of markers optimization.
Fixed: More efficient use of memory for loading and storing ChartDataPoint.

Version 5.0.0

Added: New 3D view was added with Pie3D and Doughnu3D support.
Added: Ability to set the border color for ChartLegend.
Added: Ability to set the border color for ChartSeriesLabel.
Added: removeView() method to remove ChartView from Chart oject.
Added: Refactoring API and code optimization.

Version 4.0.2

Fixed: Source code does not compile under Qt4.8.6_VS2010.

Version 4.0.1

Fixed: Installation does not work properly.
Added: Moved to Qt5.4.
Fixed: Issue with namespaces.

Version 4.0.0

Added: Implemented support for QAbstractItemModel in ChartPointSeries, ChartLineSeries, ChartStepLineSeries, ChartAreaSeries, ChartSplineAreaSeries, ChartStackedAreaSeries, ChartStackedSplineAreaSeries, ChartPieSeries, ChartBarSeries, ChartStackedBarSeries series.
Added: Implemented support of zooming relative to the diagram center. Usefull if the diagram has a big data.
Added: Implemented support of scrolling by horizontal or vertical. Usefull if the diagram has a big data.
Added: Implemented a panorama view of the diagram (Pan mode) by vertical or horizontal. Usefull if the diagram has a big data.
Added: Refactoring of API.
Added: Shadow effects for ChartSplineSeries, ChartStepLineSeries, ChartBarSeries, ChartStackedBarSeries series.
Added: HitTest support for ChartPieSeries.
Added: New demo examples for evaluation of working chart with models.
Fixed: Improved drawing of shadows.
Fixed: Improved drawing of smoothing certain primitives in series (axes, legends, ..).
Fixed: Fixed bug positioning of text inside the label points.
Fixed: Many a minor bugs in various part of the component.

Version 3.0.0

Added: New chart - Polar Point.
Added: New chart - Polar Line.
Added: New chart - Polar Area.
Added: New chart - Polar Spline.
Added: A few functions to control Data Points.
Added: Optimization for positioning of labels points. Now, the labels do not overlap each other if chart has a lot of points.
Fixed: Rendering issue for series.

Version 2.1.0

Added: Pyramid chart was added in 2D and 3D mode.
Added: Funnel chart was added in 2D and 3D mode.
Added: Scatter chart was added in 2D and 3D mode.
Added: 5 new thems were added.
Added: Ported theme storage from INI to XML.
Fixed: Known issues were fixed.

Version 2.0.0

Added: Support for Qt5.
Fixed: General fixes for drawing issues.
Fixed: Correcting filling of Area series.
Fixed: Correcting drawing legends and their positioning.
Fixed: Rendering problems after switching on mode AntiAlias.

Version 1.0

- Initial release