QtitanDataGrid Changelog

QtitanDataGrid changelog:

Version 8.0.0

Added: Refactoring structure of the project. The grid became the QAbstractScrollArea successor.
Added: Support for kinetic scrolling by the wheel.
Added: Support for transparent scrollbars.
Added: Gesture support has been redesigned. Gestures can be used to scroll and zoom.
Added: Improved column's filter. Now the column filters are linked to each other. Only those values that are selected in all filters are shown..
Added: New design for the field chooser window.
Added: The rows in the grid can be more flatter by using GridViewOptions::setRowStyle(GridViewOptions::RowStyleOffice).
Added: Fast find the text and hightlight GridViewBase::find(text, caseSensitivity, filter).
Added: New grouping panel design. Custom buttons can be added to the panel - GridViewBase::addToolWidget(QWidget*).
Added: Improved support for Q-CSS. See StyleSheetDemo example.
Added: Painting optimization.
Added: Ability to show column's customization in any position - GridViewBase::showQuickColumnsCustomization(QPoint).
Added: Moved to QtitanBase.dll 2.7.0.
Fixed: Memory corruption when row is deleting.
Fixed: Restoring layout from XML.
Fixed: Column's auto-width issue.

Version 7.6.0

Added: Moved to QtitanBase.dll 2.6.0.
Added: WindowTitleBar refactoring.
Added: Support for Qt6-python - PySide6.
Added: Added more properties QCSS customization.
Added: Ability to display the group headings in different fonts for any grouping level - GridViewOptions::setGroupRowFont(const QFont& font, int depth).
Fixed: German translation.
Fixed: QtitanFastInfoset crashes during parsing big files.
Fixed: The issue with displaying the icon in the cell.
Fixed: The issue with multi-selection.

QtitanDataGrid changelog:

Version 7.5.0

Added: Moved to QtitanBase.dll 2.5.0.
Added: Added new setting to manage focus row keeping on update grid view - GridViewOptions::setKeepFocusedRow(bool keep).
Added: DragArgs::setPixmap(const QPixmap& pixmap) method to override the dragging cursor image.
Added: Added ability to open/close preview row from code - GridViewBase::setPreviewRowExpanded(const GridRow& row, bool expanded = true).
Added: New method to add tooltip for filter button - GridColumn::setFilterButtonToolTip(QString).
Added: New methods to add tooltip for columns and bands customization menu button - GridTableViewOptions::setColumnsQuickCustomizationToolTip(QString), GridBandedTableViewOptions::setBandsQuickCustomizationToolTip(QString).
Fixed: The drag and drop engine has been refactored, many minor bugs have been fixed.
Fixed: When drag something on an empty grid the 'onCheckDragDrop' handler is not called.
Fixed: Drag and drop crashes app if handler has QMessageBox::information().
Fixed: GridViewOptions::modelItemsDragEnabled() flag doesn't work for all grid cells.
Fixed: Grid crashes if set the model to null.
Fixed: The following sample image shows 538 rows but it contains 553.
Fixed: Recursive nodes expanding for a grid tree.
Fixed: The moment of cell focus changing is not determined correctly.
Fixed: DblClick does not work under Qt6.

QtitanDataGrid changelog:

Version 7.4.0

Added: Moved to QtitanBase.dll 2.4.0.
Added: Cell editor for QColor types.
Fixed: Painting optimization.
Fixed: CustomEditor demo example.
Fixed: Field Chooser window geometry is not correct.

Version 7.3.1

Added: Moved to QtitanBase.dll 2.3.1.
Added: Added new item into GridHitInfo - GridHitInfo::Rows.
Fixed: GridEditor::Type::Numeric crashes the grid.
Fixed: Grid does not compile with flag qtitan_no_private.
Fixed: Resizing rows does not work as expected if scroll by pixel mode enabled.

Version 7.3.0

Added: Moved to QtitanBase.dll 2.3.0.
Added: Improvements in internal move drag-drop feature.
Added: Drag-drop for TreeView.
Added: New method GridTreeView::expandToLevel(int) to open nodes to the specified level.
Added: Keyboard navigation for TreeView.
Added: New signal GridViewBase::editorValueToText(EditorValueToTextEventArgs* args) to modify cell's value to text outside the grid.
Added: Support for headerDataChanged() signal from the model.
Fixed: Multi-select issue, if scrollbars are visable and have been moved.
Fixed: The right mouse button does not immediately open the contextual menu in a new location if the menu is visible.

Version 7.2.0

Added: Moved to QtitanBase.dll 2.2.0.
Added: Added support for Java/FastInfoset.
Added: qproperty-viewBackgroudColor property for CSS.
Fixed: Error filling the filter in three views.
Fixed: Issue with palette initialization under Mac OS.
Fixed: Crash on model changing.
Fixed: CardView crashes in "save layout to xml" procedure.

Version 7.1.0

Added: Moved to QtitanBase.dll 2.1.0.
Added: Added support for Qt6.2.3.
Added: Support for Windows 11.
Added: Tries to keep the focus position.
Fixed: Update Python bindings.
Fixed: Removing row does not update the view.
Fixed: Checkboxes in the grid do not respond to the align setting.
Fixed: The cell editor is blinking under MacOS Big Sur + Qt6.

Version 7.0.0

Added: Moved to QtitanBase.dll 2.0.0.
Added: Support for Qt6.0.0.
Added: Tree view support. Qtitan::Grid widget was splited to Qtitan::TreeGrid, Qtitan::CardGrid and Qtitan::Grid widgets.
Added: TreeView and FileBrowser examples.
Added: Removed Qtitan::DBGrid. For now, all the grids have SQL support.
Added: Rows sizing for vertical grid view. Improvements in row sizing for horintal grid view.
Fixed: Improved rubber band selection.
Fixed: Improved drag-drop engine.
Fixed: There is no notification about change the focused row during sorting.
Fixed: Improved mechanism for fixing the rows at the top or bottom of the view.
Fixed: Improved icon handling.
Fixed: GridDelegateAdapterEditorRepository does not support QAbstractItemDelegate::editorEvent().

Version 6.11.0

Added: Moved to QtitanBase.dll 1.8.0.
Added: Various improvements in the find bar. Added a drop-down list with search histories. Added a button to clear the search.
Fixed: The grid grashes suddenly in QtitanBase when docking works.
Fixed: Grid persists filter when saving - but does not remove it if another grid is loaded.
Added: Added the ability to set a tooltip for buttons inside cells.
Added: Added the ability to set the background color for the summary cell via an event SummaryTextEventArgs::setBackgroundColor(QColor).

Version 6.10.0

Added: Moved to QtitanBase.dll 1.7.0.
Added: GridEditorRepository::setLocale() to control the display format of values in the cells.
Fixed: Grid crashes on exit.
Fixed: When a filter is configured and stored in a grid layout all other possible filter values disappear after restoring the filter from the layout file.
Fixed: The grid displays the HTML source code in the filter item instead of readable text.

Version 6.9.0

Added: Moved to QtitanBase.dll 1.6.0.
Fixed: The grid does not use the palette from the QtitanRibbon office styles.
Fixed: Memory leak in BackstageSharedWindow.

Version 6.8.1

Fixed: The standard style palette is not updated when switching a system theme.

Version 6.8.0

Added: Adapted for QtitanBase.dll 1.5.0.
Added: Support for Qt5.15.2.
Added: Support fo Visual Studio 2019.
Added: GridViewOptions::setRowRemoveEnabled(true/false) setting that allows to disable the ability to remove row from the view.
Fixed: CardViewOptions::setItemTitleHeight(0) does not hide the remove button.
Fixed: When switching between the Qt styles, the palette that was added by the end-user or Style Sheet is reset.
Fixed: Qt::ItemIsEnabled is not used to make the cell is disabled or enabled.

Version 6.7.0

Added: Adapted for QtitanBase.dll 1.4.0.
Added: GridTableViewOptions::SetRowSizingEnabled(enable) method that allows to enable rows resizing.
Fixed: Component is not compiled with QT_NO_CAST_FROM_ASCII define. Replacing QLatin1String to QStringLiteral.
Added: Code refactoring and optimization.
Fixed: Small bugs and issues with the PySide2 support.

Version 6.6.0

Added: Adapted for QtitanBase.dll 1.3.2.
Added: Support for IOS.
Fixed: Invalid caption in filter condition header.
Fixed: The dotted frame rect of the focused cell is not rendered when the cell has no selection.
Fixed: Issues with the PySide2 support.

Version 6.5.0

Added: Adapted for QtitanBase.dll 1.3.1.
Added: Support for WebAssembly and Android.
Added: More rules for CSS customization.
Fixed: Rendering error when working with Adobe and Office styles.
Fixed: The text in the table column is not displayed correctly.

Version 6.4.0

Added: Adapted for QtitanBase.dll 1.3.0.
Added: Qt5.14 support.
Added: Gesture support (pinch and pan).
Fixed: A grid does not always initialize an autoselect when editing starts.

Version 6.3.0

Fixed: Adapted for QtitanBase.dll 1.2.5.
Fixed: Issue in CardView layout.
Fixed: Crash when accessing the selection object, when all the rows are hidden by the filter.

Version 6.2.0

Added: modelItemsDragEnabled() option.
Added: showResizeContent() option.
Added: GridColumn::setCheckable() option.
Added: New columns layout.
Added: Qtitan--Grid::tab CSS property that allows to configure tab columns on grouping panel.
Added: Zoom factor is saved to the XML.
Fixed: Can't select cell by clicking on column at CardView.
Fixed: Can't change row selection if all the columns are hidden.
Fixed: Minor bugs that were requestered.

Version 6.1.1

Fixed: App does not work with Qt::AA_EnableHighDpiScaling and Qt::AA_UseHighDpiPixmaps flags enabled.

Version 6.1.0

Fixed: Code refactoring, compilation warnings.
Fixed: Memory leak in BandedTableView.
Fixed: FilterDialog crashes.

Version 6.0.1

Fixed: The problem with the build under Qt5.0-5.7

Version 6.0.0

Added: Python(PySide2) support.
Added: Qt5.12 support.
Added: Summary settings and find panel settings can be stored to XML layout.
Added: Keeps expanded state for preview row after that grid has sorted, grouped and etc.
Added: Memory usage optimization, minus 10-15%.
Added: Time on startup optimization, grid starts several times faster.
Added: PreviewRowLinkEventArgs to previewLinkActivated() signal as an argument.
Added: ColumnLinkEventArgs to columnLinkActivated() signal as an argument.
Added: A set of properties for CSS customization. Added Grid_StyleSheetDemo demo example.
Fixed: Grid crashes on printing summaries.
Fixed: Mater detail crashes on scrolling.

Version 5.22.0

Added: void GridViewBase::columnVisibleChanged(GridColumnBase* column, bool visible) signal.
Added: Auto scroll columns and rows during drag-drop operation.
Added: Qtitan::ComboBoxRole to query the combobox list of items from the Qt model.
Fixed: Error adding new row to the grid.

Version 5.21.0

Added: Redesign for filter footer panel.
Added: Filter Editor (widget and dialog).
Added: Refactoring for filter interfaces.
Fixed: Several minor bugs.

Version 5.20.0

Fixed: The close button is available, although GridTableColumn::setGroupingEnabled() setting is off.
Fixed: columnsUpdated signal is not getting emitted for BestFit operation.
Fixed: Issue with alpha channel for cell's background.
Added: Common and frequently used classes are moved to the library QtitanBase{VERSION}.dll (QtitanBase{VERSION}.so, QtitanBase{VERSION}.dylib).
Added: qtndbgrid.dll renamed to QtitanDataGrid{VERSION}.dll (QtitanDataGrid{VERSION}.so, QtitanDataGrid{VERSION}.dylib).
Added: qtngriddsgn.dll renamed to QtitanDataGridDesigner.dll (QtitanDataGridDesigner.so, QtitanDataGridDesigner.dylib).

Version 5.19.0

Fixed: Issue with ComboBoxEditorType and TableEditorType if it has one item.
Fixed: Group contents are not displayed if grouped after pinning rows to the top and bottom of the grid.
Fixed: The filter popup entries are not locale aware.
Fixed: Cant move out from cell that has checkbox using navigation keys.
Fixed: Issue with checkboxes under MacOSX.
Fixed: Crash on changes in editor.

Version 5.18.0

Added: The ability to save filter and filter history to the XML. See Grid::saveLayoutToFile(const QString& fileName, GridSaveOption option = GridSaveOption::SaveAll) and GridFilter::saveToFile(const QString& fileName)
Fixed: Incorrect positioning of the pop-up window on the screen with two monitors.
Fixed: Error the model resetting when the model has two columns with the same name.
Fixed: Chinese and Japanese input does not work.

Version 5.17.0

Added: GridViewBase::columnMoved(GridColumnBase* column, int fromVisualIndex) signal.
Added: filterActive parameter to GridViewBase::showFindPanel(bool filterActive) method.
Added: Support InternalMove, Copy or Move for drag-drop operation.
Added: GridViewOptions::setFindPanelPlaceholderText(const QString& text) method to add placeholder text to the find panel edit box.
Fixed: Set focus to find panel on startup.
Fixed: Selection by the right click does not work as expected.
Fixed: Drag columns does not work for grid that is located on QDialog.

Version 5.16.0

Added: Support for Qt5.10.1
Added: QScrollBar* GridViewBase::verticalScrollBar(), QScrollBar* GridViewBase::horizontalScrollBar() methods.
Added: New GridComboBoxDemo example.
Added: Parameter borderThickness for GridTableColumnEditor.
Fixed: Issue with embeded QWidget to the column header.
Fixed: Improvements in CSS support.
Fixed: It is not possible to disable some cells through the model.
Fixed: Improvements in support QVariant::Map, QVariant::StringList, QVariant::List for ComboBoxEditorType.

Version 5.15.0

Fixed: Artifacts for embeded QWidget.
Fixed: CSS applied for filter grid.
Fixed: Filter does not work for relation values.
Added: View::sortingChanged() signal.

CSS applied for filter grid.

Version 5.14.0

Fixed: Paint cells issue.
Fixed: Can't use QIcon under Qt::DecorationRole.
Fixed: CSS support improved. Now with the CSS you can control the grid box-model, customize the columns, cells. Redefine the focus and selection decoration. Assign a custom palette.
Added: Grid::hitInfoAll() method.

Version 5.13.0

Fixed: Unexpected crash on refresh model call.
Fixed: scrollToIndex (...) function was optimized.

Version 5.12.0

Added: GridViewOptions::setAutoScroll() was renamed to GridViewOptions::setColumnAutoScroll()
Fixed: Unexpected crash when finalizing.
Fixed: The order of the columns is broken when the model is resetting.
Fixed: Resources are not initialized if component compiled statically.

Version 5.11.0

Fixed: Signal focusRowChanged(int,int) is triggered twice.
Fixed: Issues with duplicate qt_sendSpontaneousEvent methods when linking with Qt5AxServer.lib.
Fixed: Model resetting crashes the grid.
Fixed: ESC key does not work as expected.
Fixed: Arrow is not painted in front of the row.
Fixed: Width of the buttons in the cell is not sensitive to the zoom changing.
Fixed: BestFit for GridBandedTableView.
Added: Added BestFitMode enum as a parameter for bestFit() function.
Added: GridEditorRepository::heightHint() virtual function was renamed to GridEditorRepository::heightForWidth().
Added: Added virtual GridEditorRepository::heightForWidth() function. If you have a repository implementation for the column, then you have to implement this function to get BestFit() work correctly.

Version 5.10.0

Fixed: setRowFrozenButtonVisible(false) issue.
Fixed: Embedding the widget in the column occurs with a blinking.
Fixed: String comparision issue for sorting and grouping operations.

Version 5.9.0

Fixed: Grid's shortcuts conflict with editor's shortcuts.
Fixed: Painting issue on popup windows.
Fixed: Painting Issue under Qt4.

Version 5.8.0

Fixed: Can't move filter condition between two views.
Fixed: Crashes if GridPreviewRowExpandStyle::PreviewRowExpandButton style is enabled and grid has no columns.
Fixed: Sometimes cell does not have content in cardview.
Fixed: The background of the cell overlaps the selection.

Version 5.7.0

Fixed: After some manipulations with the grid, drawing begins to spend a lot of CPU time.
Fixed: Work on optimization and refactoring.
Fixed: deselectAll() does not work if call immediately after installing the model.
Fixed: Wrong checkboxes painting under Linux.
Fixed: Crashes if GCC compiler is used.
Added: The ability to open/close the PreviewRow with the plus/minus button. Added GridPreviewRowExpandStyle enumerator.
Added: Ability to install a pattern-picture to the GridThemeManager.

Version 5.6.0

Fixed: Hover effect was removed from checkboxies in the filter popups.
Fixed: Copy a row in the grid with columns having a combo editor, the index gets copied instead of the actual string in the grid.
Fixed: Issue with column dragging in cardview.
Fixed: Find the text freezes/crashes the grid if it has a grouped rows.
Fixed: The grid consumes a lot of memory.

Version 5.5.0

Added: Support for Qt5.9.
Added: Ability to use custom QWidget in the PreviewRow.
Added: Ability to set the text for the PreviewRow Button.
Added: MasterDetail demo that demonstrates master-detail relationships with new preview row widget feature.
Added: Code refactoring and optimiztion.
Fixed: The QWidget embedding mechanism is reworked on QGraphicsScene.
Fixed: Embeded QWidget lost the focus.
Fixed: Does not fire a rowRemoving signal.
Fixed: Unexpected behavior when you cancel the add a new row editor.
Fixed: The width of the column is lost if you hide it and then immediately show it.
Fixed: Can't start the column draging.
Fixed: Cant't drag-drop selected rows to the empty area.

Version 5.4.0

Fixed: Grid does not compile under Qt4.
Fixed: Support for Qt::ToolTipRole in headers.
Fixed: The search for fields that contain the date and time does not work correctly.
Fixed: Not exactly displayed icons and small buttons when Zoom works.

Version 5.3.1

Fixed: Footer cells do not follow the change of column width.

Version 5.3.0

Fixed: Issue with removing multiple rows.
Fixed: Inconvenient to use TableEditor in relation mode.
Fixed: Removed hover effect on the quick selection checkboxes.
Fixed: Rubber band selection for horizontal layout.
Fixed: Drag drop to the empty area.
Fixed: Cannot embed QWidget to column header.
Fixed: TableEditor should appear as ComboBoxEditor.
Fixed: Can't drag cells to Excel. Now, grid creates a QMimeData with application/x-qabstractitemmodeldatalist, text/plain, html/plain formats.
Added: Copy/Paste feature.
Added: Improved column quick customization window.
Added: Support for Qt::ToolTipRole.
Added: Support for Qt5.8 environment.

Version 5.2.0

Fixed: Grid crashes in some cases.
Fixed: "Delete row" action does not remove all selected rows in multi-selection mode.
Fixed: view->options().setColumnsQuickCustomization(false); does not take effects on Horizontal view layout.
Fixed: Clipped footer summary.
Fixed: Qt::BackgroundRole is not working for Cell with Editor Type = ComboxEditor.
Fixed: Qt::DecorationRole does not work for QColor value.
Fixed: Grid does not respond to changes in the palette or the font.

Version 5.1.1

Fixed: Grid crashes at the time when the sorting is processed and if the number of rows is equal to 0.
Fixed: Filter dialog does not work if filter is already active.

Version 5.1.0

Added: Support for Qt5.7 environment.
Added: New signals from the model controller for handling the progress of sorting, grouping, filtration and summaries calculation.
Fixed: Wrong editor in the find dialog.
Fixed: Grid crashes on text finding.

Version 5.0.0

Added: CardView layout with horizontal or vertical orientation.
Added: Code refactoring.
Fixed: PageUp/PageDown keys navigation improvement.

Version 4.5.0

Added: New hit info for row GridHitInfo::Row.
Added: Method void GridViewOptions::setFocusFrameEnabled(bool enabled) that enables or disables frame around focused cell.
Fixed: Issue with alignment of cell's widget that has focus.
Fixed: Crash on modelReset() event.
Fixed: Optimization of the grid after the data refreshing.
Fixed: Last row is not shown if gridLines is Qtitan::LinesVertical.
Fixed: Vertical scrolling is not working correctly is scroll type is ScrollByItem.

Version 4.4.0

Fixed: The text for all of the groups/subgroups summaries are lined up at the level of the deepest item.
Fixed: deselectAll() on startup issue.
Fixed: DblClick issue under Qt5.2.0.
Added: ComboBoxEditor by default is used relative model row index as a foreign key.

Version 4.3.0

Fixed: ShortcutContext for all actions was changed to Qt::WidgetShortcut.
Fixed: In relation mode the null value of master data source suspends an application.
Fixed: Focus issue with MDI windows.
Fixed: Crash on mouseOver event.
Fixed: BandedTableView layout issue.
Fixed: Zoom factor does not apply for the font of editor.
Fixed: Compilling issue under Qt4.8.x.
Fixed: ESC key does not work for some cases.
Fixed: Find bar crashes the application.
Fixed: MemoEditor crashes the application if text is too big.
Fixed: Issue with autoselect feature. Text does not selected in the numerical editors if the value is 0.
Added: Refactoring and optimization.
Added: scrollToColumn() function.

Version 4.2.0

Fixed: Grid does not work properly in the MDI window.
Fixed: Wrong color for text in the find panel.
Fixed: Row with the focus is not fully displayed if the "add a new record row" is active.
Fixed: Issue with summary calculation.
Added: MDI application demo.
Added: Case sensitive check box for find panel.
Added: Closing the find bar is done by pressing "Shift + Enter" and the key "Enter" is used similarly with the key FindNext (F3).

Version 4.1.0

Fixed: min/max column settings conflict in banded view.
Fixed: setSortEnabled does not work.
Fixed: Grid crashes if it has a active filter and a new model is installed.
Fixed: Change the existing filter expression does not refresh the grid.
Fixed: Antialias for editors does not work.
Fixed: Upon removing bands, it looks as though the GridTableBand is accessing deleted column.
Added: SelectionRanges& ranges() function to GridSelection object as pablic.
Added: New feature Find a Text in a grid's cells.

Version 4.0.2

Added: setFieldChooserEnabled method to hide field chooser button.
Added: ScrollBar to the field chooser window.
Fixed: Grid crashes if you click on select all button.
Fixed: Grid crashes if grid has a filter + reset model call.
Fixed: Wrong string constant ZoomIn.

Version 4.0.1

Fixed: Wrong scroll position on grid initialization.
Fixed: Grid crashes when you try to reset the model.
Fixed: Unexpected scrolling by changing the cell's focus.

Version 4.0.0

Added: Full source code refactoring for best quality and optimization.
Added: Added horizontal layout, ability positioning and scrolling the rows horizontally on the view.
Added: Preview row feature.
Added: New layout for summaries on the group row.
Added: Theme manager to specify brending color for main grid elements (window, popups, icons, text, drag-drop icon and etc.) by one line of code.
Added: Scalable icons.
Added: Best fit feature for columns and bands.
Added: New design for popup filter, field chooser, footer and filter history popup.
Added: Ability to specify color of text for summary cells.
Added: New column button with menu to fix column at the left or at the right (for horizontal layout - at the top or at the bottom) of the view. Menu can be turned off via grid's options.
Added: Ability to use Qt-HTML in a column caption, preview row, memo editor - HtmlManipulation.exe demo example was added for demo these features.
Added: Ability to specify font for the column separately.
Added: Ability to use vertical orientation for the column text (and icon if used).
Added: Translation files are updated automatically.
Fixed: Most of bugs that were reported.

Version 3.6.2

Added: GridTableViewOptions::isGroupSummaryBorderVisible() - property allows to draw border on a summaries cell the same as for original cell.
Added: Ported to Qt5.4 and msvs2013.
Fixed: Remaking a drag-drop mechanism.
Fixed: Rubber band of selection does not work properly.
Fixed: Other registered issues were fixed.
Fixed: Issue with context menu under cell editor.

Version 3.6.1

Fixed: Crash on view finalizing.
Fixed: Unused variables.
Fixed: Cell editor does not paint properly if cell has a left indent.
Fixed: Wrong group summary place initialization.

Version 3.6.0

Added: Feature rows quick selection. Allows select several rows by checking box on a left side of the row.
Added: Showing summary over group row. Allows show group summary on a group row directly instead of group footer.
Added: Optimization of GridSelection structure.
Fixed: Crash on model updating.
Fixed: Focus does not change if click fast.
Fixed: Many other bugs were fixed.

Version 3.5.0

Added: Added demo example to demonstrate custom filter feature.
Added: New signal void GridViewBase::selectionChanged(GridSelection* selection, GridSelection* oldSelection).
Added: GridSelectionIterator renamed to GridSelection.
Fixed: Component does not compile under Qt4.x.
Fixed: Tab key does not work as expected.
Fixed: Optimize rendering of large tables.
Fixed: KeyboardFocus Policy does not apply when the focus is moved by pressing Tab key.
Fixed: Pressing the right button of mouse invokes sorting instead of context menu.
Fixed: Crash when editing if the focus outside of the view.

Version 3.4.0

Added: autoCreateColumns property to the options.
Added: Backtab key support.
Added: Introduced a new installer.
Fixed: AutoHeight mode does not apply after column has been removed.
Fixed: AutoSelect mode does not work for Numeric, Time and DateTime cells.
Fixed: Refactored MultiSelect mode. Now, Windows Explorer behaviour is used for selection (combinations with Shift, Control, Space, Mouse Press).
Fixed: Issue with cell height in filter popup.
Fixed: Another registered issues.

Version 3.3.2

Fixed: Grid crashes on finalizing. The list of available columns does not process properly.
Fixed: Not all of lines are printed if groupHeader is showing.

Version 3.3.1

Fixed: Issue in delegate adapter editor.
Fixed: Stackoverflow in focus change event.
Fixed: Can not add a new row.
Fixed: List of combo box editor flying around the screen.
Fixed: DblClick on new row area crashes an application.

Version 3.3.0

Fixed: Crash if autoheight mode is enabled.
Fixed: Cant group by column if data model has changed.
Fixed: The filter dialog hiding on first start.
Fixed: Layout for new row has not applied if window is going to maximize.
Fixed: Cell activation ´┐Żoes not work correctly.
Fixed: Issues with focus row.
Fixed: Crash if column visible set to false.
Fixed: other known issues.
Added: Added a new cell editor - ProgressEdit.
Added: Added a progress editor demo example.
Updated: Updated documentation pages.

Version 3.2.0

Added: Reworked mechanism for grid cell editing. Added signal void GridViewBase::editorValidating(EditorValidationEventArgs* args). Signal allows control a values validation, undo the input, set the message if the value entered is not valid and etc.
Added: Changed behavior of the signal void editorModifying (GridEditor * editor). Now the signal is raised if the value has been changed and the value is valid.
Added: Added new state for grid cell - modified and valid which is marked with a separate icon. State can be reached if set EditorValidationEventArgs::setValueValid(true) in editorValidating(...) signal.
Added: Reworked the mechanism for activation of the cell editing. Introduced the changes to GridEditorActivationPolicyFlag enumerator.
Added: fields KeyPress_F2, EatingKeyEvents, EatingMouseEvents. KeyPress_F2 - start cell editing by press F2. EatingKeyEvents, EatingMouseEvents - characteristics that are used together with other policies such as KeyPress or MousePress. They mean that after editing was started the event that triggered editing should be passed to the editor (for example, if a combination of flags KeyPress | EatingKeyEvents has been used, then pressing the numeric key "1" starts editing a cell and the key press event "1" will be transferred to the editor's QWidget).
Added: In the filter dialog box added a compare operation field formore than or less than operation. It's used to search in numeric, time or date columns.
Added: Added strategy for submit data to the model after the editing. Submitting can be carried out immediately after end of cell editing or after change the focus to other row. See for details void GridModelController::setEditStrategy(GridEditStrategy strategy);
Added: Added the ability to freeze part of the grid rows at the top and/or bottom of the view. There is an option to add frozen rows programmatically or via the user interface.
Added: Added the ability to hide wait cursor if grid's controller busy.
Fixed: Bugs in GridDelegateAdapterEditor.
Fixed: Does not work properly comparison for FilterLess, FilterLessEqual, FilterGreater, FilterGreaterEqual in the grid filter.
Fixed: Bug in setting the focus to the cell editor if the focus leaves and then goes back to the grid's widget.
Fixed: Crash when trying to hide a column that is in edit mode.
Fixed: Crash under MacOSX in finalization.
Fixed: Crash under MacOSX after printing the grid's content with grouping.
Fixed: Fixed many other errors in various parts of the project that were reported.

Version 3.1.0

Added: Added startGrouping signal with ColumnGroupArgs argument.
Fixed: Linker error If summaryFooterTextChanging or summaryGroupTextChanging were used.
Fixed: Drag-drop columns from Field Chooser to group header does not work.
Fixed: Stack overflow under MDI mode if grid's editor is being showed.

Version 3.0.0

Added: Support for Qt5.
Added: Added property GridStringEditorRepository.isHLink. It allows to display the string cell as a hyperlink.
Fixed: Incorrect behavior of the embedded to the cell buttons when running a "add new row" mode.
Fixed: Crash after editing under MacOSX.
Fixed: Perpetual update cycle in the mechanism of drawing effects (CPU usage issue).
Fixed: Padding issue for text drawing in the cells.

Version 2.14

Fixed. Auto resize mode does not work properly.
Fixed. Numeric editor does not applied settings in edit mode.
Fixed. Crash application with grid if it resizing.
Fixed other reported bugs.
Moved to Qt4.8.4.
Added Italian translation.

Version 2.13

Rollback multiselect feature from previous release.
Fixed. When one column has MemoEditorType and other columns are hidden then data is not displaying.
Fixed. Rubber bund does not work at all.
Fixed. Grid is drawing column's header with error if it's contains dot sign under WinXP.

Version 2.12

Access to the original model index from delegate agapter.
Fixing focusing row if model has been changed in background.
Improved multi-select mode.
Small paint issue of the columns.
Minor bugs fixing.
Added Qt4.8.3 support.

Version 2.11

Version 2.10

Fixed rendering bug under Windows XP.
Fixed bug in multi-select mode.
Fixed print issue if row auto-height is enabled.
Refactoring code.
Other known bugs were fixed.

Version 2.9

Added GridComboBoxEditorRepository::setComboBoxEditable() method.
Added GridTableColumn::buttonStateChanged(CellButtonEventArgs* args) signal to make cell's button disabled.
Added ability to specify text on the cell's button.
Extended GridHitInfo class. It is possible to get row, cell, model index end kind of element by mouse position (x,y).
Fixed: Add known bugs were fixed.

Version 2.8

Fixed: Crash if use fetchMore() in select() method.
Fixed: Not the right color when hightlighting of the rows.
Fixed: Air is applying if Windows 7 Basic theme is set.
Fixed: Rendering QuckCustomiztionPopup does not match the style.
Fixed other bugs that were found in the course of the project 2.8.
Added DeleteRow action.
Added columnsQuickMenuVisible(), bandsQuickMenuVisible() properties.
Added method for rows removing and signal rowRemoving(RowRemovingEventArgs) which help to prevent rows removing.
Added Polish translation.
Added support for Qt 4.8.0 and Qt4.8.1.

Version 2.7

Added French, German and Russian translations.
Added methods setMaxWidth() and setMinWidth() for the grid's columns. You can control constraints of the table column while resizing.
Added signal newRowEditorClicked(). It is allow to make custom action and block a standart procedure adding rows.
Refactored of several key internal mechanisms.
Fixed many minor bugs in various parts of the component so the grid become more stable.
Fixed known bugs in the design-time.

Version 2.6

Fixed bug -crash when trying to add a row to an empty model.
Strings has been prepared for translation.

Version 2.5

Added support for Windows Air technology for some grid's elements.
Added support for Printing System. You have the way to print grid's contents including header, columns, footer, summaries cells, grouping rows and other elements.
Added ability to create the custom button for the grid's cell without changing the cell's editor. Buttons can be static or has activated by mouse over event or by focus.
Of all grid's signals the first parameter sender was removed. Unfortunately this has led to a breach of backward compatibility.
The fuction that shows how to add arbitrary actions to the popup menu has been added to the demo examples.
Increased speed of rendering of the grid contents due to the mechanism for drawing cell's separate lines.
Fixed an error handling the role Qt::DecorationRole.
displayFormat() has no effect for the displaying of the Date/Time value in cell's display mode has been fixed.
The numeric editor applying for the grid cell by Qt::DisplayRole if the Qt::EditRole is not specified.
Fixed: Editors of the grid cells is not correctly display the size of the font for scaling.
Fixed: Columns layout does not work properly in banded View.
Fixed: At the first start automatic height is not used until the resize has been executed.
For auto height feature, if the cell has no value or value is empty, the grid shows the cell with zero height.
Fixed: Zooming is not working properly for columns that have a constant width.
Implemented a lot of small and large patches to increase stability and improve performance characteristics.

Version 2.4

Switching to the MSVS2010.
Added an ability to zoom the contents of the grid by pressing Cntrl + , Cntrol -or from context menu.
Redesigned the signals about changes within the cell editor - creating, deleting, modifying.
Added the ability to control the context menu. Now it is possible to define an element in place where the context menu is showing.
Additionally added possibility to block the context menu showing and ability for changing items in the context menu.
Added two similar policies for activation the cell's editor by pressing any keys. One variant with the swallow the first character, the other with the transmission of the first character immediately to the editor.
Fixed many minor bugs in various parts of the grid.

Version 2.3

Bugfix. Location of the Popup Filter window.
Bugfix. Crash while trying to start a drag-drop operation.
Bugfix. Recreating the columns after the model has been reset.
Bugfix. The field of the filter dialog is disable if the cell is in the disable state.
Bugfix. The properies groupsHeader, footerSummary, groupSummary are preserved by load-save layout mechanism.

Version 2.2

Bugfix. Grid rows does not appear after maximizing the window.
Bugfix. The QTableView's' delegate can not get the value for the font and colors using the model.
Bugfix. Selecting the cells in multi-select mode is not working properly.
Bugfix. Improved algorithm for updating element's layout.
The Drag & Drop mechanism has been implemented. Can be used in either target or source mode.
Drag & Drop demo was added.

Version 2.1

Bugfix. Grid rows does not appear after maximizing the window.
Bugfix. The QTableView's' delegate can not get the value for the font and colors using the model.
Bugfix. Selecting the cells in multi-select mode is not working properly.
Bugfix. Improved algorithm for updating element's layout.
Bugfix - Events from Qt-model is not properly handles by GridDataController.
Bugfix - Issue with QSortFilterProxyModel.
Expanded usage of the Office-2007/Ribbon styles functionality in the grid.

Version 2.0

The filter support. Filter Panel. Filter customizing dialog. Filter popup window. Filtration history window.
Implemented more than strict separation of the grid fonts. You can separately set the font for the rows, groups, cells, header.
For Mac OS X used a special font for native tables in the header.
Ability to specify the vertical direction of the text column.
Added ignoreRowSpanForCells() property for the GridBandedView. Property allows you to manage cell's layout.
Property allows to make the height of the cell in one line while the column header spans multiple lines.
Reworked drawing the grid controls in the header panel.
Sorting, grouping, is now done by value of the relation column rather than by relation index.
Filtering by the relative column, not by index.
echoMode for the string editor is now used in display mode correctly.
Optimized alignment of the elements that makes the grid resizing more smoother.
Added ability to specify a double border around the cell.
Added ability to set the brush for the border around the cell.
Fixed many other small and large errors.

Version 1.2

MacOS support was added.

Version 1.1

Support Qt 4.7.0, 4.7.1 versions.
Support Microsoft Office style grouping. Demo application was added.
Refactoring relation modes (relation and master-details). Demo application was added.
Table cell editor supports relation and master-details mode.
Improved grid API.
Added ability to add default value to the grid cell while new row is constructed.
Added ability to save/load column's and band's layout to/from XML.
Added new icons for the editors of picture and multi-line text.
Added ability to specify the text to the editor of a new row.
Added ability to specify the text and brush to the group's panel.
New feature implemented, the cell focus follows the mouse.
QAction's exported from QWidget embeded into the grid column or into the grid cell was supported.
Documentation for features summary calculation, relation mode, load/save layout to XML, table view options, banded view options was added.
Fixed bug. Improved the reaction of the grid to scrolling. Increased the table rendering speed during scrolling.
Fixed bug. The autoheight and autowidth modes conflict.
Fixed bug. Lines between cells are not always rendered.
Fixed bug. Popup editor windows cannot be resized in Linux.
Fixed bug. The band width is reset when a column is dragged from one band to another.
Fixed bug. The focus is removed after sorting/grouping.
Fixed bug. When a new line is added, the added image is not shown.
Fixed bug. When grouping by column is active, adding a new line does not work correctly.
Fixed bug. When groups of lines are folded or unfolded, scrollbars are not positioned correctly.
Fixed bug. The text in the column header does not fit within the boundaries in Linux.
Fixed bug. Compilation and support for the 64-bit mode.

Version 1.0

Initial release.