QtitanDocking Changelog

QtitanDocking changelog:

Version 4.5.0

Added: Moved to QtitanBase.dll 2.5.0.
Fixed: On the second screen, the mouse does not synchronize with the docked panel title bar.
Fixed: Painting issues.

Version 4.4.0

Added: Moved to QtitanBase.dll 2.4.0.
Added: Customize actions feature for ToolBars.
Fixed: Mimimum/Maximum settings does not work as expected for Dock Panels.
Fixed: Resizing the split container does not keep the proportions of the inner panels.

Version 4.3.1

Added: Moved to QtitanBase.dll 2.3.1.

Version 4.3.0

Added: Moved to QtitanBase.dll 2.3.0.
Added: Panel order and active state are lost when saving to XML.

Version 4.2.0

Added: Moved to QtitanBase.dll 2.2.0.
Added: Added support for Java/FastInfoset.
Added: DockPanelOptions - with a set of properties for docking setting up.
Added: Properties and methods for controlling the animation of auto-hide panels.
Added: Improved animation smoothness of auto-hide panels.

Version 4.1.0

Added: Moved to QtitanBase.dll 2.1.0.
Added: Added support for Qt6.2.3.
Added: Support for Windows 11.
Fixed: Update Python bindings.
Fixed: Wrong z-order for guide diamond windows.
Fixed: Wrong position when docking document panels.
Fixed: It is not possible to read the XML layout if the panels were inherited from the DockWidgetPanel and has other class name.
Fixed: Crash on MacOS on window finalization.

Version 4.0.0

Added: Moved to QtitanBase.dll 2.0.0.
Added: Support for Qt6.
Added: Added auto-formating for panel's layout XML.
Added: DockPanelManager::restoreDockPanel() to resotre panel state if it is creaated after calling loadStateFromFile().
Added: DockPanelManager::panelRequested(args) to restore the panel at the time of loading XML layout.
Added: Many improvements and code refactoring.

Version 3.8.0

Added: Moved to QtitanBase.dll 1.8.0.
Added: DockToolBar::setCaption() method was added.
Added: Shadow around the toolbar window (when toolbar is float) was added.
Added: Implemented the ability to add custom QAction and QWidgetAction to the title bar of the DockWidgetPanel.
Added: Implemented the ability to change the font for title bar of the DockWidgetPanel.
Added: For convenience, two functions have been added to the DockPanelManager to get a list of all widget panels and document panels that were added earlier - DockPanelManager::widgetPanelList() and DockPanelManager::documentPanelList().
Fixed: Crash when the position of the DocumentPanel is changed.
Fixed: Text at the tab of DocumentPanel is not modified by the setCaption() function.
Fixed: Drag-grop engine refactoring.
Fixed: The pop-up button for the menu that contains commands that do not fit on the screen does not work in the DockToolBar.

Version 3.7.0

Added: The DockPanelHoverShow feature for DockWidgetPanel: a panel with this feature enabled in Auto-Hide mode is showed while hovering the corresponding tab.
Fixed: Tabs of the tabbar don't match or don't show the correct icons for DockWidgetPanel when autohide mode is set.
Fixed: Improved functions for reading and writing panel layout.
Fixed: After creating two DockDocumentPanel when you close the first document, the tabs of the first and second documents are closed. .

Version 3.6.0

Added: Moved to QtitanBase.dll 1.6.0.
Fixed: The issue when an inserted widget doesn't receive QCloseEvent while closing DockWidgetPanel.
Fixed: The issue when the application crashes while closing if at least a DockDocumentPanel is created.

Version 3.5.1

Fixed: The standard style palette is not updated when switching a system theme.

Version 3.5.0

Added: Adapted for QtitanBase.dll 1.5.0.
Added: Support for Qt5.15.2.
Added: Support fo Visual Studio 2019.

Version 3.4.0

Added: Adapted for QtitanBase.dll 1.4.0.
Fixed: Component is not compiled with QT_NO_CAST_FROM_ASCII define. Replacing QLatin1String to QStringLiteral.
Fixed: Component is not compiled with old Qt versions (older than Qt5.7).
Fixed: Double clicking at the DockWidgetPanel title bar area, any tabs were divided into individual floating panels.
Fixed: DragDrop doesn�t work properly for DockWidgetPanel if setArrowMarkersShown(true) and setDockPanelFullContentsWhileDraggingShown(false) options are initialized.
Fixed: Wrong size and position for DockWidgetPanel on dblclick if setDockPanelFullContentsWhileDraggingShown(false) option is disabled.

Version 3.3.0

Added: Adapted for QtitanBase.dll 1.3.2.
Fixed: Incorrect definition of size and scale of top-level window when operating with two monitors with different DPI.
Fixed: Crash when dragging DockWidgetPanel if arbitrary widget is created as native window for OS Windows in application.
Fixed: Support for maximizing DockWindow for OS Windows.
Fixed: Fixing and finalizing examples for Python.
Fixed: Issues with the PySide2 support.

Version 3.2.0

Added: Adapted for QtitanBase.dll 1.3.1.
Added: Improved docking for MacOS.
Added: Dock layout structure refactoring.
Fixed: Positioning system buttons in QMenuBar if QSubWindow is maximized.
Fixed: Sizes of system buttons in DockTitleBar for DockWidgetPanel.
Fixed: Visibility of system buttons in DockTitleBar when minimizing DockWidgetPanel width.
Fixed: Incorrect height of DockTitleBar for DockWidgetPanel when switching to default style from other style.
Fixed: Unfocused when inserting panel as tab to other panel.
Fixed: When setting flag DockPanelFeature::DockPaneNoCaption of panel, DockTitleBar stays visible.
Fixed: Sticking when starting draging with panel splitter.
Fixed: Optimizing performance when resizing main window.
Fixed: Positioning DockWidgetPanel when starting drag&drop if setAttribute(Qt::AA_NativeWindows) mode is on.
Fixed: Artifact in left top corner when rendering DockBarArea if setAttribute(Qt::AA_NativeWindows) mode is on.
Fixed: Blocking rendering of empty DockBarArea.

Version 3.1.0

Added: Adapted for QtitanBase.dll 1.3.0.
Added: Qt5.14 support.
Fixed: Incorrect DockPanelSplitter for width VisualStudio2019Style style.
Fixed: Incorrect icon size on DockTitleBar.
Fixed: Incorrect rendering DockMainWindow border.
Fixed: Operating procedure of visibility panel (QAction DockWidgetPanel::visibleAction) doesn't correspond operating procedure of VS2019 visibility panel.
Fixed: DockTitleBar icon is not displayed.
Fixed: Different height of DockTitleBar, if "WindowsVista" and "VisualStudio2019Style" is set.
Fixed: DockAreaTabBar height is ignored if DockWidgetPanelPrivate panel is minimized.
Fixed: Document tabs are rendered on a border of main window (for Linux).
Fixed: Different border width in DockWindow (for Linux).

Version 3.0.0

Added: VisualStudio2019Style style with Blue, Dark and Light palettes was implemented.
Added: There's setTitleBar() function implemented in DockWidgetPanel to set a custom TitleBar.
Added: There's setIcon() function modified in DockWidgetPanel allowing displaying an icon in TitleBar for all modes AutoHide, Tabbed, Float.
Added: Performance of docking system has been improved.
Fixed: When changing DockWidgetPanel size, given minimumSize and maximumSize values are not considered for DockWidgetPanel and its content.
Fixed: AllowedAreas doesn't work for DockWidgetPanel when searching for docking location in the central widget area.
Fixed: Incorrect working of layout-tabbed when using insertDockPanel with a specified pointer targetPanel and location Qtitan::InsideDockPanelArea.
Fixed: If DockToolBar parent is not a main window, there's no blocking of draging it with a mouse.
Fixed: Adapted for QtitanBase.dll 1.2.5.

Version 2.5.1

Fixed: App does not work with Qt::AA_EnableHighDpiScaling and Qt::AA_UseHighDpiPixmaps flags enabled.

Version 2.5.0

Fixed: Incorrect reconstructing size of DockWidgetPanel in floating mode, if it was hidden.
Fixed: When clicking an active tab DockDocumentPanel focus on built-in widget wasn't set.
Fixed: Crash when multi-docking DockDocumentPanel.
Fixed: Incorrect work of QScrollArea when scrolling horizontally in DockDocumentPanel then resizing a main window.
Fixed: Regenerating old position of DockWidgetPanel when double-clicking on title, if it was inserted to as a tab.
Fixed: Setting focus on an inner widget of DockWidgetPanel when getting activated.
Fixed: Dropping focus from DockWidgetPanel if calling QComboBox list that is a child of this panel.

Version 2.4.0

Fixed: Impossible control visibility of panels with tabs.
Fixed: Locking Windows 7 application when making any panel floating.
Fixed: Impossible hiding panel when pushing a close button if it's docked in DockDocumentPanel.
Fixed: Crash when calling showDockPanel function of DockDocumentPanel object.
Fixed: Crash on finalization.

Version 2.3.0

Added: In DockPanelManager new signals added: aboutToShow, aboutToClose, aboutToAutoHide, aboutToFloat.
Added: Supporting moving of tabs in tabbar area for DockWidgetPanel and DockDocumentPanel.
Fixed: Crash when restoring a layout configuration if a panel was closed before saving layout configuration.
Fixed: Layout configuration doesn't restore if user sets an own name of panel using setObjectName function.
Fixed: Incorrect movement of panel spliter if panels are native windows.
Fixed: Locking panel if window with Qt::MSWindowsOwnDC flag is set in panel, for example, like in QGLWidget.
Fixed: Rendering artifact when switching tabs on panel if panel has several DockWidgetPanel.
Fixed: Artifact of "button with cross" after restoring panels.
Fixed: Incorrect rendering a central widget when switching panel tabs.
Fixed: Smooth moving of panel spliter, especially when working with native windows with flag Qt::AA_NativeWindows.
Fixed Crash after restoring configuration if calling setDockPanelFloat function.

Version 2.2.0

Fixed: Errors in reading and restoring the state of the layouts of panels and document panels.
Fixed: Docking does not work if you inherit custom panels from the DockWidgetPanel class.
Fixed: Fixed several cases of crashing docking when dragging.

Version 2.1.0

Added: Supporting work of WindowTitleBar with several displays and different DPI factors.
Added: Support for Qt5.12.
Fixed: Incorrect definition of a container in drag&drop panel mode.
Fixed: Incorrect displaying of a panel frame in drag&drop mode.
Fixed: Incorrect work while changing DockWindow size.
Fixed: No capability to dock DockDocumentPanel horizontally if there's already a horizontal split control.
Fixed: When hiding a central widget or setting it to nullptr(setCentralWidget(null)), panels remain unchanged.

Version 2.0.1

Fixed: The application crashes if QtitanDocking and QtitanRibbon are used together.

Version 2.0.0

Added: DockDocumentLayoutPanel object is a layout for locating subsidiary DockDocumentPanel panels to create MDI interface with tabs.
Added: DockDocumentLayoutPanel object represents subsidiary panels in DockDocumentLayoutPanel.
Added: Support of DockWidgetPanel location in central DockDocumentLayoutPanel.
Added: Possibility to set permission to place DockWidgetPanel with setAllowedAreas function.
Added: Possibility to place widgets in main window title area (support of Windows, Linux and iOS).
Added: Full support of widget conformance of Qt styles.
Added: Added the button with popup menu to toolbar for choosing action if they don't place on toolbar in case of its narrowing.
Fixed: Incorrect work of DockPanel layout in AutoHide mode.
Fixed: Incorrect calculating of scaling icons in ToolBar.
Fixed: Output of information set in QAction::setStatusTip on statusbar.
Fixed: DockWindow can collapse (null wimdow size).
Fixed: DockWidgetPanel in AutoHide mode cannot be changed to Float mode with drag-and-drop action.
Fixed: Crash when closing application, if there are floating panels with an active DockWindow.
Fixed: Different height of toolbar in all modes.

Version 1.2.0

Fixed: The panel is not closed in the "Float" mode when clicking on the "Close" button located the TitleBar (MDI and regular).
Fixed: Improved rendering of icons on the TitleBar.
Fixed: The double click on TitleBar of the floating panel does not work as expected (it does not return to the old docking position).

Version 1.1.0

Fixed: The docking crashes if apply office styles to it from QtitanRibbon component.
Fixed: Malfunctioning of auto-hide feature in Qt4.
Fixed: Resources are not initialized if component compiled statically.

Version 1.0

- Initial release