QtitanRibbon Changelog

QtitanRibbon changelog:

Version 6.6.0

Added: Moved to QtitanBase.dll 2.7.0.
Added: Possibility of customizing the separators in QuickAccessBar.
Added: Transparent scrollbars for the RibbonUI galleries.
Fixed: Gallery's animation refactoring.
Fixed: Close button in the popup windows (OfficePopupWindow).
Fixed: Fixed many other minor bugs.

Version 6.5.0

Added: Moved to QtitanBase.dll 2.6.0.
Added: Support for Qt6-python - PySide6.
Added: WindowTitleBar refactoring.
Fixed: QtitanFastInfoset crashes during parsing big files.
Fixed: WindowTitleBar crashes the app if winId has changed.

Version 6.4.0

Added: Moved to QtitanBase.dll 2.5.0.
Added: Added ability to set icon color for assets via SegoeMDL2Font::icon(ushort code, const QColor& color = QColor()).
Added: Transparent scrollbars for RibbonGallery.
Added: RibbonGallery::setItemSize(const QSize& size), now each gallery with a shared RibbonGalleryGroup can have its own item size.
Added: RibbonGroup::setSizeDefinition(const RibbonControlSizeDefinition::GroupSizes& sizeDefinition) - ability to set the sizes that the ribbon group can take during reduction/expanding.
Fixed: assert when RibbonBar is not used in the toplevel widget of an app.
Fixed: Gallery popup resizes strangely.
Fixed: Clicking in an expanded gallery causes application to hang.
Fixed: For a large group text is reducing.
Fixed: Search bar on custom title bar eats keypress.
Fixed: Key tips do not work correctly.
Fixed: Collapsed group names are cut off.
Fixed: Improved algorithm for recalculating ribbon group sizes from large to small.
Fixed: Save/load ribbon bar layout to XML does not work as expected.

Version 6.3.2

Added: Moved to QtitanBase.dll 2.4.0.
Fixed: Various rendering errors.
Fixed: Title Bar customization of the main window blocks the mouse move event.

Version 6.3.1

Added: Moved to QtitanBase.dll 2.3.1.
Fixed: Dblclick on title bar does not work under Qt6.
Fixed: Strange icon in MDI mode on the left.
Fixed: Ribbon bar does not compile under Qt5.6.

Version 6.3.0

Added: Moved to QtitanBase.dll 2.3.0.
Added: Search bar implementation. Added RibbonBar::setSearchBarAppearance(SearchBarAppearance) method.
Added: Added RibbonBar::setSimplifiedModeEnabled(bool) method to disable simplified mode quickly.
Added: Multi-column mode for RibbonSystemMenu and RibbonPageSystemPopup.
Added: Custom buttons at the window title bar.
Added: New method to create icons QIcon SegoeMDL2Font::icon(SegoeMDL2Font::IconSymbol).
Fixed: Issue with MDI corner buttons.
Fixed: Various style rendering errors.

Version 6.2.0

Added: Moved to QtitanBase.dll 2.2.0.
Added: Added support for Java/FastInfoset.
Added: RibbonBar::setTabsElideMode(Qt::TextElideMode mode) method.
Fixed: The resized border is not hidden, although the window is hidden.
Fixed: WindowTitleBar eats the mouse release event.
Fixed: Key tips can be activated with ALT, but can’t be deactivated with ALT again.
Fixed: If ribbon tab text is below a certain length, a line appears next to the tab.
Fixed: Scrolling with mousewheel in ribbon works only in one direction.

Version 6.1.0

Added: Moved to QtitanBase.dll 2.1.0.
Added: Added support for Qt6.2.3.
Added: Support for Windows 11.
Fixed: Update Python bindings.
Fixed: Shortcuts does not work at ribbon tabs.
Fixed: Keytips are activated after shortcut execution.
Fixed: RibbonButton is not exported.
Fixed: Backstage Menu items are not refreshing after changing the action state.
Fixed: RibbonButton text is reset if no action is specified.
Fixed: Contextual Tabs refactoring.
Fixed: Mouse cursor doesn't change when window is resized in Linux.
Fixed: Crash on MacOS on window finalization.
Fixed: Ribbon tabs are not updated after changing the title of the page.
Fixed: Ribbon tabs scrolling does not work correctly if there are hidden pages.
Fixed: Style rendering artifacts.
Fixed: Lagging when resizing a ribbon group with RibbonToolBarControl inside.
Fixed: Margins are not applied as expected in the RibbonToolBarControl.

Version 6.0.0

Added: Moved to QtitanBase.dll 2.0.0.
Added: Qt6 support.
Added: Acrilyc background mode.
Added: Simplified mode support.
Added: Improvements for Design-time plugin.
Added: Animation when switching pages. Ribbon tabs are now scrollable.
Added: Rendering for styles was improved. Speedup ribbon bar rendering and initialization..
Fixed: Issues when working with RibbonBar as QWidget instead of QMenuBar.
Fixed: Deep redesign of the source code for most subsystems - key-tips, layout, pages, groups, backstage view.
Fixed: Support for the fonts was improved.

Version 5.9.0

Added: Moved to QtitanBase.dll 1.8.0.
Fixed: CONFIG+=qtitan_no_private” icauses a compiler error in BackstageWidget::~BackstageWidget()
Fixed: Incorrect rendering of the Tab border in QTabBar for styles Offise2013 - Offise2016.
Fixed: Incorrect rendering of the Tab border in QTabWidget for styles Offise2013 - Offise2016.
Fixed: Incorrect rendering of the border in QPushButton for styles Offise2013 - Offise2016.
Fixed: Error in positioning QuickAccessBar between system button and page tabs.
Fixed: ToolTips are not displayed on items for gallery in popup mode.
Fixed: OfficePopupWindow rendering is not supported for all styles.
Fixed: Incorrect rendering CloseButton for items in the QTabWidget for styles Office2013 – Office2016.
Fixed: Outdated icons for QMessageBox.

Version 5.8.1

Added: Moved to QtitanBase.dll 1.7.0.

Version 5.8.0

Added: Moved to QtitanBase.dll 1.6.0.
Fixed: The issue when the system icon for the Office 2010 style is not displayed.
Fixed: The issue when RibbonQuickAccessBar content is not saved while changing it via settings.
Fixed: The PopupMenu transparent background for iOS.
Fixed: The QLineEdit highlighting rendering for Office2013 - Office2016 styles.
Fixed: The issue when the RibbonButton text is cut when setting Qt::AA_EnableHighDpiScaling and Qt::AA_UseHighDpiPixmaps.
Fixed: The issue when the title color doesn't match the expected one in RibbonPageSystemRecentFileList and RibbonPageSystemPopup for dark themes of styles Office2016Style and AdobePhotoshopStyle.
Fixed: The issue when the background color doesn't match the expected one for QToolButton when it's on QDialog.
Fixed: Ribbon button alignment problem.

Version 5.7.1

Fixed: The standard style palette is not updated when switching a system theme.

Version 5.7.0

Added: Adapted for QtitanBase.dll 1.5.0.
Added: Support for Qt5.15.2.
Added: Support fo Visual Studio 2019.
Added: A new PopupMenu widget has been implemented with ability for "scrolling items" and a preview panel at the right side of this menu.
Added: Add "scrolling items" feature to the RibbonSystemMenu and RibbonPageSystemPopup, with the ability to set the number of visible items.
Fixed: Not valid the icons color at the QDockWidget title bar for AdobePhotoshopStyle Black theme and Office2016 Black styles.
Fixed: When switching between the Qt styles, the palette that was added by the end-user or Style Sheet is reset.
Fixed: In the ribbon bar minimized mode, the font on the ribbon pages does not match the set one.
Fixed: Using the deprecated roles - QPalette::Foreground and QPalette::Background (changed these to QPalette::WindowText and QPalette::Window).
Fixed: Incorrect palette for RibbonBackstageView for AdobePhotoshopStyle in Light Gray theme for Linux if the window is not active.

Version 5.6.0

Added: Adapted for QtitanBase.dll 1.4.0.
Fixed: Component is not compiled with QT_NO_CAST_FROM_ASCII define. Replacing QLatin1String to QStringLiteral.
Fixed: Assigned shortcuts for QAction don't work if the associated widget is in the top window title.
Fixed: Incorrect rendering of the menu item when set an icon to the associated QAction and QAction::setCheckable(true) (assert appears) for Windows 7 Scenic and Office2013 - Office2016 themes.
Fixed: Incorrect rendering of QToolButton when set an icon to the associated QAction and QAction::setCheckable(true) (assert appears) for Windows 7 Scenic and Office2013 - Office2016 themes.
Fixed: No information about a shortcut of the RibbonQuickAccess tooltip if the shortcut was set to QAction.
Fixed: Incorrect rendering when highlighting items of QTreeView for Office2013 - Office2016 and AdobePhotoshop styles.
Fixed: Crash when changing the RibbonQuickAccessBar content if a context tab and RibbonQuickAccessBar is in the top window title bar.

Version 5.5.0

Fixed: Incorrect definition of size and scale of top-level window when operating with two monitors with different DPI.
Fixed: Crash when removing context tab.
Fixed: Incorrect rendering of system menu in styles Office2007 - Office2010.
Fixed: Fixing and finalizing examples for Python.
Fixed: Incorrect layout of primitives in RibbonBackstageButton with a high DPI.
Fixed: Incorrect size of icon in RibbonBackstageButton with a high DPI.
Fixed: Removing QActionWidget put in group is not released.
Fixed: Memory leak in group when adding QAction.

Version 5.4.0

Added: Adapted for QtitanBase.dll 1.3.1.
Added: Qt5.15 support.
Fixed: Highlighting header cells for QTableView.
Fixed: Incorrect displaying of background for RibbonQuickAccessBar for styles Office2007 - Office2010.
Fixed: Incorrect icon size of buttons RibbonQuickAccessBar for Qt styles.
Fixed: Incorrect placing of buttons in RibbonSystemMenu.
Fixed: Incorrect displaying of background in RibbonSystemMenu.
Fixed: Crash when reseting RibbonBar settings.

Version 5.3.1

Fixed: Incorrect size of menu indicator for RibbonButton.
Fixed: Overflow if too many computation inside QToolButton:clicked due to WindowTitleBar.

Version 5.3.0

Added: Adapted for QtitanBase.dll 1.3.0.
Added: Qt5.14 support.
Fixed: Rendering RibbonBackstageButton for style Office2010.
Fixed: Rendering context bar in title area when RibbonBackstageView on.
Fixed: Incorrect QToolTip and QtnToolTip palette when rendering for all styles.
Fixed: Incorrect rendering RibbonPage for Office2010 style.
Fixed: Incorrect palette of QMenuBar items for AdobePhotoshopStyle style.
Fixed: Incorrect rendering QTreeWidget and QListWidget icons with Qt::AA_EnableHighDpiScaling set.
Fixed: The border width not to change for main window when switching style.
Fixed: Incorrect DropDown button size in ComboBox for office styles.
Fixed: Incorrect DropDown button indicator size in ComboBox for AdobePhotoshopStyle style.
Fixed: Incorrect icon size in RibbonBackstageViewMenu.
Fixed: Incorrect rendering of RibbonTab, when RibbonBackstageView under Linux and iOS is active.
Fixed: Incorrect rendering of QSlider for Office2013 - Office2016 styles.

Version 5.2.0

Fixed: Incorrect rendering CheckBox indicator for widgets QListWidget, QTreeWidget in styles AdobePhotoshopStyle, Office2007 - 2010.
Fixed: Not working of item highlight for widgets QListWidget, QTreeWidget and QComboBox.
Fixed: Incorrect height of RibbonBar when switching to max displaying mode.
Fixed: Highlighting disabled item in the main menu RibbonBackstageView.
Fixed: Blocking palette with base style CommonStyle if set with QApplication::setPalette function.
Fixed: Bad default RibbonButton text color for Highlighted mode.
Fixed: Adapted for QtitanBase.dll 1.2.5.

Version 5.1.0

Fixed: App does not work with Qt::AA_EnableHighDpiScaling and Qt::AA_UseHighDpiPixmaps flags enabled.
Fixed: Modification marker in title style doesn't correspond to document flag isModified().
Fixed: Insufficient width of Popup-menu in any system resolution.
Fixed: In simplified theme of Windows 7 the background color of controls becomes black one when highlighting.
Fixed: Incorrect rendering of a border with 4K resolution.
Fixed: Incorrect computing layout of combo box button with 4K resolution.
Fixed: Incorrect scaling of titleBar content with 4K resolution and increased factor DPI.
Fixed: Buttons Close, Normal and Min look very small in 4K resolution.

Version 5.0.1

Fixed: The problem with the build under Qt5.0-5.7
Fixed: The problem with the build under Qt4.8.7 for Linux.
Fixed: Incorrect text color in ToolTip for Office2007 style for Linux.
Fixed: Arrows of popup-menu don't display on RibbonButton buttons for Office2007 style under Linux.
Fixed: Incorrect color of QCheckBox and QRadioButton indicators for styles AdobePhotoshopStyle, Office2015 and Office2016.

Version 5.0.0

Added: Supporting work of WindowTitleBar with several displays and different DPI factors.
Added: WindowTitleBar to control the window frame. The class allows to embed any qt widgets to the title bar area.
Added: New style configuration mechanism based on the styleconfig xml-format file.
Added: Support for standard Qt styles, including CSS styles and system styles.
Added: AdobePhotoshopStyle style with support for four themes LightGray, Gray, DarkGray and Black.
Added: Support for Qt5.12.
Added: Python bindings based on PySide2 environment.
Fixed: The set of bugs which affect the operation of the component.

Version 4.18.0

Added: Common and frequently used classes are moved to the library QtitanBase{VERSION}.dll (QtitanBase{VERSION}.so, QtitanBase{VERSION}.dylib).
Added: qtnribbon.dll renamed to QtitanRibbon{VERSION}.dll (QtitanRibbon{VERSION}.so, QtitanRibbon{VERSION}.dylib).
Added: qtnribbondsgn.dll renamed to QtitanRibbonDesigner.dll (QtitanRibbonDesigner.so, QtitanRibbonDesigner.dylib).
Fixed: The application crashes when the Docking and Ribbon components work together.
Fixed: The application freezes when trying to change the size of the ribbon.
Fixed: Other minor bugs.

Version 4.17.1

Version 4.17.0

Fixed: Fixed a lot of small errors in drawing of ribbon bar and issue with initializing the ribbon widgets palette by the office styles.

Version 4.16.0

Added: Support for Qt5.10.1
Added: RibbonBar::beginUpdate(), RibbonBar::endUpdate() methods to fast add or remove the content.
Added: RemoveFromCategory function was added to RibbonCustomizeManager for removing action from customization.
Fixed: Crash under Windows when setting Qt::AA_NativeWindows attribute to app in Qt5.10.1.
Fixed: Controlling page visibility in customization mode in case of the ribbon bar minimised.
Fixed: Incorrect displaying the button when using Qt::ToolButtonFollowStyle style.
Fixed: The Minimized ribbon bar mode does not work correctly in Qt5.10.1.
Fixed: Layout was not recalculated in RibbonQuickAccessBar for Qt5.10.1
Fixed: Crash in the designer in the preview for Qt5.10.1.
Fixed: Incorrect displaying RibbonBackstageButton if flatStyle = true and enabled = false properties are set.
Fixed: When changing item selection repeatedly in QTreeView widget, highlight item state remains.

Version 4.15.0

Added: Ability to control text register on the ribbon tabs and buttons.
Fixed: Incorrect icon location in QToolButton with setToolButtonStyle(Qt::ToolButtonTextUnderIcon).
Fixed: Incorrect rendering DropDown button for ComboBox in Office2007 - Office2010 themes.
Fixed: Incorrect rendering PopupColorButton button under Qt4.
Fixed: Crash when sharply changing window width.
Fixed: The cursor does not change in OfficePopupMenu in case of hovering over GrepSize and putting mouse cursor outside of OfficePopupMenu.
Fixed: Incorrect calculation of inner layout in gallery.
Fixed: Incorrect calculation of inner layout in OfficePopupMenu for gallery.
Fixed: Function RibbonGroup::setTitleElideMode(Qt::TextElideMode mode) does not work correctly.

Version 4.14.0

Fixed: The icons in QMenu are not completely rendered with a large DPI factor(200%).
Fixed: Contextual tabs and text on the title are not completely rendered with a large DPI factor(200%).
Fixed: When setting QToolBar icon size with the setIconSize function, the icons have size less than the specified one.
Fixed: Crash when pressing Ok button in ribbon option dialog if theres is a contextual bookmark.
Fixed: Rendering color of check icon in QMenu for Office2016Black style.
Fixed: Displaying an icon in disable state does not match RibbonButton state.
Fixed: PopupColorButton highlighting error in disable state.
Fixed: Calculation of KeyTip positions for buttons in group.

Version 4.13.0

Added: Implemented Office2013-1016 styles for OfficePopupWindow.
Fixed: The window is not restored after minimization if RibbonBackstageView is enabled.
Fixed: The color is not corrent. For QPushButton label is not shown in case of setEnabled(false).
Fixed: Issue with layout in RibbonGallery.
Fixed: Do not remove the scrollbars if you close RibbonBackstageView.
Fixed: Wrong frame border of the main window for a simplified Windows 7 scheme.
Fixed: It breaks if the standard icon format does not match the system setting image format.

Version 4.12.0

Added: Support for Qt5.9.
Fixed: RibbonBackstageView crashes if Close button is not visible.
Fixed: Wrong layout calculation for RibbonBackstageButton if DPI is more than 100%.
Fixed: Crash in OfficeFrameHelperWin (Somehow the painter's engine is 0).
Fixed: No scrollbars when you switch pages in RibbonBackstageView.
Fixed: Border of the main window is not updated when visibility of RibbonBackstageView is changed (artifacts).
Fixed: The removal of the contextual tab is not working correctly under Linux.

Version 4.11.0

Added: Vertical and horizontal scrollbars for RibbonBackstageView.
Fixed: Scaling of icons (SVG and others) in RibbonButton and RibbonGalleryItem.
Fixed: Incorrect drawing of icons in QLabel.
Fixed: Incorrect RibbonGroup layout in the reduced state.
Fixed: Keytips do not work in the minimized state of ribbon.
Fixed: Incorrect RibbonButton layout with a large coefficient of DPI.
Fixed: Display mnemonics on system buttons.
Fixed: When the tape is switched to the minimized mode, the main window layout does not work.
Fixed: Incorrect layout in RibbonGallery in the Popup mode.

Version 4.10.1

Fixed: Does not compile under Qt4.8.
Fixed: Incorrect PopupMenu offset when you set the style of the main window to WS_MAXIMIZE.
Fixed: Incorrect size of the icon in the tooltips when switching from a small button to a large button.

Version 4.10.0

Fixed: Small size of icons in ToolTips.
Fixed: When decreasing font size cutting of lower part of font.
Fixed: Invalid rendering of RibbonBackstageButton if Qt::ToolButtonTextUnderIcon flag is applied.
Fixed: Vertical artifact lines in Office216.
Fixed: Crash when style switching in animation mode.
Fixed: The drawing artifacts when OpenGL is used.

Version 4.9.0

Added: Added property isTransparent to RibbonGallery and support wheelEvent to scroll items.
Added: Added method RibbonControlSizeDefinition::setWordWrap(bool) to control the text wrapping in the buttons.
Fixed: Crash in RibbonGallery if width of RibbonGalleryItem is 0.
Fixed: Wrong contextual tabs layout calculation.
Fixed: "Treat WChart_t As Built in Type" linked issue under VS2010.
Fixed: Wrong text color for QToolButton under Office2016Black theme.
Fixed: Wrong sorting indicator color under Office2016Black theme.
Fixed: QLineEdit, QCombobox - wrong disabled color under Office2016Black theme.
Fixed: QTabWiget - wrong background and border color under Office2016Black theme.
Fixed: QTabBar - incorrect rendering of tabs.
Fixed: QRadioButton, QCheckBox, QPushButton - wrong text rendering in the disabled state under Office2016Black theme.
Fixed: Incorrect visibility of the system buttons TitleBarNormalButton and SC_TitleBarMaxButton under Office2013 and Office2016 themes.
Fixed: Incorrect format of PNG files.
Fixed: Crash if QMainWindow object is applied as a window.
Fixed: Wrong rendering of RadioButton under Office2007 and Office2010 themes.

Version 4.8.0

Added: Support for Qt5.7 environment.
Added: Add addSeparator function to RibbonBackstageView.
Fixed: Error when loading group background image in Windows7Scenic style.
Fixed: Writing quick access bar state while its changing through popup-menu.
Fixed: Wrong computation of the group height when calling function to hide the group title.
Fixed: Positioning arrows of QAbstractSpinBox in Office2007 style.
Fixed: Computation of the group layout height when adding widget to the group.
Fixed: Restoration of the main window size when changing from MINIMIZE to MAXIMIZE.
Fixed: Computation of client area of the main window in MAXIMIZE mode when changing taskbar height.
Fixed: Computation of client area of the main window in MAXIMIZE mode in taskbar auto-hide state.
Fixed: The wrong rendering of background RibbonTabBar in Office2010 theme.
Fixed: The wrong rendering of QTabBar border in a high resolution(4K).
Fixed: The wrong rendering QComboBox text of Windows 7 in classic theme.
Fixed: The wrong color of QComboBox background of Linux in Office2016Black theme.
Fixed: Incorrect work of layout of items in RibbonPageSystemRecentFileList in a high resolution(4K).

Version 4.7.0

Fixed: The wrong rendering of indicators QRadioButton and QCheckBox.
Fixed: The wrong rendering of QTabBar text in Office2016 theme.
Fixed: The wrong rendering of QToolBox element in Office2016 theme.
Fixed: The wrong rendering of QTreeView element in Office2013- Office2016 theme.
Fixed: The wrong rendering of QTreeView element segment in Office2007 - Office2016 theme.
Fixed: The wrong rendering of QListView element Office2013 - Office2016 theme.
Fixed: The wrong rendering of QTableView element Office2013 - Office2016 theme.
Fixed: The wrong rendering of QMessageBox text in Office2016Black theme.
Fixed: The wrong rendering of QTabWidget text in Office2016Black theme.
Fixed: Gallery keytypes don't work, cannot call gallery popup-menu.
Fixed: Do not compile with Qt4.
Fixed: RibbonGalleryGroup modification: takeItem function is added.
Fixed: AlternatingRowColors flag support while rendering Item Views controls.
Fixed: Wrong icon position in the popup-menu.

Version 4.6.0

Added: New theme Office2016Black implementation.
Added: An opportunity of special font setting, and also colour for group name - RibbonGroup::setTitleFont(..), RibbonGroup::setTitleColor(...).
Fixed: Group width less the default group name width.
Fixed: Very large the distance between the indicator (arrow for popup-menu) and the text on the button in Qt::ToolButtonTextBesideIcon mode.
Fixed: Component does not compile if QT_NO_CAST_FROM_ASCII was defined.
Fixed: Wrong rendering of RibbonSystemPopupBar for Office2016 theme.
Fixed: Wrong rendering of TitleBackground (title pattern) for Office2013 - Office2016 theme.
Fixed: Wrong rendering of certain controls while isNativeDialog flag is set true.
Fixed: Incorrect work of group layout when controling visibility through action created with function.
Fixed: Incorrect position of RibbonToolTip for RibbonToolBarControl control.

Version 4.5.1

Fixed: Wrong thickness of the border in QMenuBar in the all styles except for Office2007.
Fixed: Unregular crash in all demo applications.
Fixed: Crash when ribbon contextual tabs in the reduced mode.

Version 4.5.0

Added: Grouping for contextual tabs.
Added: Contextual tabs demo example.
Fixed: The default SizeDefinition setting for RibbonButtonControl with given style Qt::ToolButtonTextOnly.
Fixed: The default SizeDefinition setting in the example RibbonMDIDemo for Clipboard group.
Fixed: The default SizeDefinition setting in the example RibbonApplication for Insert page according to MS Word.
Fixed: If there is only non-stretchable control, group doesn't go to Reduced status.

Version 4.4.0

Fixed: Increase performance when changing the properties of QAction used in ribbon bar.
Fixed: Crash in RibbonToolBarControl is group is not visible.
Fixed: Wrong ribbon group layout after changing the main window geometry.
Fixed: Wrong layout for RibbonCustomizeDialog under Qt5.6.
Fixed: RibbonCustomizeDialog activation does not set the focus to the first element.

Version 4.3.0

Added: Function addMenu was added to RibbonToolBarControl.
Added: New features in RibbonApplication demo.
Added: New function RibbonGroup::setControlsAlignment() allows align the set of controls inside group.
Added: New function RibbonGroup::setTitleElideMode().
Fixed: Application crashes when adding a separator to the end of RibbonToolBarControl.
Fixed: Compiling the plugin for the designer since Qt5.5.0 version.
Fixed: The contents of the group not centered correctly.
Fixed: Page does not visible if it has no groups inside.
Fixed: Wrong width calculation of the Popup-menu.
Fixed: Increased speed of adding or removing the actions to RibbonQuickAccessBar.
Fixed: Improper positioning of the system buttons if RibbonQuickAccessBar at the bottom.
Fixed: Not properly centered the text in the header of the main window.
Fixed: Not properly centered the text in the header of the main window if RibbonBackstageView is visible.

Version 4.2.0

Added: Wizard for QtCreator to create a Ribbon Application via dialogue.
Added: QtDesigner plugin template to create a Ribbon forms.
Added: Redesigned undo/redo mechanism for QtDesigner plugin.
Fixed: Generation of *.ui resources does not work properly under QtCreator.
Fixed: Drawing titles of pages does not work properly if ribbon has a hidden pages.
Fixed: Missing separator on the active pages if the ribbon is reduced.
Fixed: The index parameter is ignored in RibbonGalleryGroup::insertItem(int index, RibbonGalleryItem* item) function.
Fixed: Title of the main window disappears when the ribbon reduce to a minimum size under Office2013, Office2016 styles.
Fixed: Ribbon is not hiding in the minimal size, if the position of the quick access bar at the bottom.
Fixed: Incorrect drawing tabs of QTabBar under Office2016DarkGray.
Fixed: Incorrect drawing close button of QTabBar under Office2016DarkGray.
Fixed: RibbonToolBarControl crashes at application startup (or closure) if a control in the reduce state.
Fixed: Incorrect work restoring of the main window after minimization in Windows OS.

Version 4.1.0

Added: New style Office2016 was added with themes Colorful, DarkGray, White.
Fixed: Wrong position of icon and text in the system menu.
Fixed: Incorrect layout if a ribbon group was hided on the page.
Fixed: void RibbonPage::setVisible(bool visible) does not take effect on the ribbon bar layout.
Fixed: Artifacts from the contextual tabs if the BackstageView becomes visible.
Fixed: Changing visibility of an action on ribbon group does not take any effect on the layout.
Fixed: Redesigned reducing mechanism of RibbonToolbarControl according to the specification of Microsoft.
Fixed: Changing visibility of an action on RibbonToolbarControl does not take any effect on the layout.
Fixed: QComboBox items in DropDown mode for Linux are not displayed correctly.

Version 4.0.1

Fixed: Demo examples do not compiled.
Fixed: Compilation error under Qt5.5-64bit VS2012.

Version 4.0.0

Added: Support standard layout within the groups according to the specifications of Microsoft (Large, Medium, Small, Popup).
Added: Set of basic controls, which support the standard sizes according to the specifications of Microsoft.
Added: New examples to illustrate the layout mechanism.
Added: Customization dialogue with the ability to add new custom pages, groups, move actions and etc.
Added: Engine for customizing the ribbon bar and quick access bar.
Added: Localization of main text strings and qt-script for auto updating *.ts, *.qm files.
Added: Refactor the gallery code. Implemented additional functionality for placement of items inside gallery.
Added: Ability linear scrolling groups on the page, if they do not fit in width.
Fixed: Bug of the main window position/size during the flag Qt::WindowMaximized initialization.
Fixed: Compilation error under Qt4.
Fixed: Error rendering the colors of selected text in the control QComboBox and QLineEdit.
Fixed: If the gallery has a sub-gallery then the selection of items in the sub-gallery does not close the previous level.
Fixed: Wrong position of text and icons in the System Menu while rendering.
Fixed: Wrong highlighting on the second level of gallery, if gallery located at popup-menu.
Fixed: Crash when previewing in the designer.
Fixed: Trying to drag an action to the ribbon bar crashes the designer.

Version 3.5.4

Fixed: Wrong text painting if QToolButton located on QStatusBar under Offce 2007 Black and Office 2010 Black.
Fixed: Tooltip does not work under RibbonBackstageButton.
Fixed: Crash application if RibbonBackstageView is visible.
Fixed: Crash application in gallery when attempting to call the functions RibbonGalleryGroup::clear(), RibbonGalleryGroup::setCheckedIndex() while item selected.
Fixed: Drawing artifact at ribbon after RibbonBackstageView.
Fixed: Not correct text rendering under DockBar under under Offce 2007 Black and Office 2010 Black.
Fixed: Many other a small rendering issues.

Version 3.5.3

Fixed: Crash with two monitors - when the system is turned off the main monitor.
Fixed: When calculating the size of the tooltip bold font of title is ignored.
Fixed: Locking a rendering of the central widget if the state of the main window is changed from MINIMIZE to MAXIMIZE if all widgtes are native (for instance if OpenGL is used).
Fixed: Wrong value from QColor OfficeStyle::accentColor().
Fixed: No update if accent color has been changed.
Fixed: Crash if main window is minimized.
Fixed: Flag isTitleGroupsVisible does not checked if group is adding to the page.
Fixed: Wrong painting for QToolButton + Qt::ToolButtonTextOnly inside RibbonQuickAccessBar.
Fixed: Issue with SVG ions inside RibbonButton.
Fixed: setVisible(false) + setVisible(true) from page does not update its contents.
Fixed: Issue with painting buttons in group without images.
Fixed: Wrong close-button painting inside backstageview in Office2013 theme under Linux and MacOSX.
Added: New function OfficeStyle::AccentColor OfficeStyle::accentIndexColor() was added.

Version 3.5.2

Fixed: Issue with fonts under different DPI settings.

Version 3.5.1

Fixed: Wrong icon size if Qt::ToolButtonIconOnly used.
Fixed: MDI close button does not fit to style.
Fixed: Crush under Linux Centos 5 or 6.
Fixed: Wrong border on main window in Office2013 if native windows were used.
Fixed: QCheckBox and QRadioButton have not been rendered properly if DPI is 150%.

Version 3.5.0

Fixed: Incorrectly calculated the height of popup menu if add a ribbon gallery as a widget item of the menu.
Fixed: Issue with rendering of page in Backstage view.
Fixed: Wrong buttons layout calculation on the left side of BackstageView if setVisible(false).
Fixed: Rendering error left side of BackstageView under Qt 4.8.5. There was a dividing line - between the upper and lower part.
Fixed: No check for isNativeDialog flag for native rendering of ComboBox.
Fixed: Lack of tooltips on the system buttons QMdiSubWindow.
Fixed: Crashing under OpenSuSe.
Fixed: QStyle::hitTestComplexControl() doesn't work for QWorkspace MDIs.

Version 3.4.1

Fixed: Issue with painting of groups under Office 2010 style.
Fixed: Compiling bug under Qt4.8.x.
Fixed: Problem with text on buttons under Qt4.8.x.
Fixed: Problem with location of popup-menu under Qt4.8.x.
Fixed: Designer crushes if ribbon plugin installed.
Fixed: With changing of "theme" property the main designer window is changed to the appropriate theme.

Version 3.4.0

Added: New function for hiding title of the ribbon group.
Added: New feature for accent painting of active page in Office 2013 theme.
Added: New function for manual setting of ribbon tabs width.
Fixed: Component does not compile under Qt4.x.
Fixed: Issue with painting of system button.
Fixed: Issue with location of system button in Office 2007 theme.
Fixed: Issue with system button if Qt::ToolButtonIconOnly flag installed.
Fixed: Scroll bar buttons does not located properly on Mac OS X.
Fixed: Warning under VS2013 build.

Version 3.3.0

Fixed: Rendering does not work for scrolling buttons on MdiTabs.
Fixed: Rendering does not work for QPushButton if CSS has used (pushbutton->setStyleSheet("background-color:red"))
Fixed: Crash in reduced group, i.e. in popup mode when the group does not fit in ribbon.
Fixed: Text on title of QDockWidget is not drawn correctly if the text is not placed along its length.
Fixed: Icons for RibbonButton are drawn not correctly if the icon has a size larger than 32x32.
Fixed: Disappearance of the maximize button if to the main window has been previously installed w.showMaximized().
Fixed: Scroll Bars are not drawn correctly in Mac OS X.
Fixed: Error on rendering the system button at the system menu.
Fixed: Error positioning of system menu in Office 2007-2010 styles.
Fixed: Positioning error of any popup menu in main window maximization mode.
Added: Introduced a new installer.
Added: New function insertAction(QAction* before, QAction* action,...) in RibbonGroup for adding action before other action.
Added: New function setScrollBarsIgnored(ignored) that used to set native OS Scroll Bars in Ribbon user interface.

Version 3.2.5

Fixed: Incorrectly element's layout in a group when changing group visibility.
Fixed: If an initial state of the main window is maximized then a maximize/minimize system button of the main window is not visible with Office 2013 theme.
Fixed: Rendering issue for QToolButton on other forms except of QToolBar and QtnRibbonBar.
Fixed: Rendering issue for arrows in QTabBar.
Fixed: Refactoring of private classes.
Fixed: Refactoring for support Qt 5.3.1.
Fixed: Others issues that were reported.

Version 3.2.4

Added: New theme Office 2013 Dark Gray was added.
Fixed: High CPU load bug.
Fixed: Layout group calculation in a reduce mode.
Fixed: Drawing issue with SE_ViewItemCheckIndicator in Ribbon Style.
Fixed: Page position issue in minimize mode.
Fixed: OfficePopupWindow does not drawn correctly with Office 2013 style. Q_ASSERT has occured.
Fixed: Crash on apply CSS for QLineEdit.
Fixed: QPalette does not applied for QLineEdit.
Fixed: Wrong text position for QToolButton if icon is enabled.
Fixed: Wrong position for arrow in QToolButton popup-menu if QToolButton not on QToolBar.
Fixed: Blocking wheelEvent for gallery scrolling.
Fixed: QAction does not drawn correctly on BackStage in disabled mode.
Fixed: Command addAction(myAction, Qt::ToolButtonTextBesideIcon, (QMenu*) 0, QToolButton::InstantPopup); does not work correctly.
Fixed: Can't show dialog from group which is in reduced mode.
Fixed: QToolButton (split button) does not drawn correctly with Office 2013 theme.
Fixed: addWidget does not allow to add QLineEdit.
Fixed: Issue with positioning logo on a ribbon.

Version 3.2.3

Added: Added methods to control drawing for MDI window title - setMDIWindowTitleIgnored/isMDIWindowTitleIgnored. If this set to false then the MDI window title is drawn with Ribbon/Office style otherwise with native style.
Added: Support OfficePopupWindow for Office2013 style.
Fixed: Issue with layout calculation if group is shown as a popup.
Fixed: Issue with layout calculation on the inactive pages after font changing.
Fixed: Issue with layout calculation in group with true value for controlsGrouping property.
Fixed: Issue with calculation of width for QLineEdit widget when the DPI factor has changing.
Fixed: Checked mode is not correctly drawn if style Office2013 is used.

Version 3.2.2

Fixed: Crash on RibbonPage destruction.
Fixed: When trying to add or remove a widget or action to the group the layout is not rebuilding.
Fixed: When trying to change some QAction's properties (for instance setText or setIconText) the group layout is not rebuilding.
Fixed: Correction of colors when rendering the tabs and contextual tabs on the title in Office 2010 theme.
Fixed: Incorrect positioning of system keys (minimize, maximize and restore) in workspace with MDI-tabs.
Fixed: Wrong priority for taking the text (text() or iconText()) of QAction when inserted into the group.
Fixed: Error upon activation the mouse system menu on the system icon.
Fixed: Crash when deleting pages on the ribbon (create contextual tab, activate and remove it)
Fixed: Crash under Windows XP (some libraries does not exist on this OS)
Fixed: Layout correction after tabs hiding and subsequent displaying.
Fixed: Crash on setLogoPixmap(Qt::AlignLeft)
Fixed: Error in showMaximized() for all application.
Fixed: Gallery layout does not work correctly.
Fixed: Font setting for QToolButton applied for QPainter directly.
Fixed: Length of the text in the tabs in the case of high resolution is wrong calculated for Office 2013.
Fixed: Colors for rendering QLineEdit ignore palette's settings.
Fixed: The title text does not fit the control and its width is reduced at high resolution.
Fixed: It is not possible to draw a header vertically on QDocWidget.
Fixed: Check sign for popup-menu item does not draw well in Office 2013 style.

Version 3.2.1

Added: Added possibility of positioning the Quick Access Toolbar on the bottom of the ribbon instead of title.
Added: Changed the mechanism of calculation of the client area in Office 2013 theme under Windows. Qt5.0.0 is not supported. Qt5.0.1 and above are supported.
Added: Added ability to set up text for menu separator.
Fixed: Layout calculation issue after the ribbon's style has switched.
Fixed: Error of rendering of the current page in the minimize mode.
Fixed: Error of rendering of the ribbon in the minimize mode.
Fixed: Error in drawing of the QToolButton's text in the menu.
Fixed: Menu on the system icon on the title is not invoked as expected.
Fixed: Crash if color contextual tabs was set up before adding to the ribbon.
Fixed: Crash on style changing from Office 2007 to Office 2013.
Fixed: Uninitialized variables in RibbonTabBar class.
Fixed: Closing the window with ribbon does not happen smoothly if Office 2013 theme is enabled.
Fixed: Modifier keys at the tips are not switched.
Fixed: Unexpected switching MDI-tabs when ribbon pages have changed.
Fixed: Crash in ToolButton's size hint function in Office 2013 theme.
Fixed: Crash in ToolButton's paint function in Office 2013 theme.
Fixed: Mechanism of document activation in "ribbonmdi" demo example does not work properly.
Fixed: Wrong positioning of the popup-menu in the reduced group.
Fixed: Rendering issue for DropDawn arrow painting in ToolBatton menu.

Version 3.2.0

Added Office2013 style with White and Gray color shemas.
Reworked the style paint engine.
Added ability to add logo to the Ribbon page at the left or at the right.
Added background title image for Office 2013 style.
Reworked the group layout engine.
Added ability to create Ribbon Groups in the design time.
Ribbon Page Layout optimization.
Fixed: restoring the position and size of the main window does not work properly.
Fixed: Crash when maximizing the main window if Aero is turned off.
Fixed: Crash if style of the application has changed.
Fixed: Incorrect displaying of controls text color if office black theme used.
Fixed: Bug with system keys positioning error on the MDI-tabs under Qt5.1.
Fixed: Incorrect displaying main window border if Aero option is on.
Fixed: Fixed many other errors in various parts of the project that were reported.

Version 3.1.0

Fixed: MDI-tabs are rendered incorrectly.
Fixed: Sometime there is a lock of Autohide taskbar panel.
Fixed: System button displayed incorrectly if click in a specific zone under OS Windows.
Fixed: The size of the title is not determined correctly when going from the minimize to the maximize state (black streaks appear instead of a title).
Fixed: Scroll button is missing if the group is in the reduce state and does not fit on the screen.
Fixed: The text is not centered on the title of the main window.
Fixed: The source code produced by uic.exe compiler from the Qt5 designer does not compile if the Qt-form has a RibonBar.
Fixed: Ribbon bar with Air title under standard Windows theme does not work corectly with Qt5 (bottom area of the main window is not rendered correctly and drag-drop of main window does not work). Qt5 issue.
Fixed: System menu is not displayed when you right-click on the application icon.
Fixed: Issue with displaying title with Qt5.1.
Fixed: Many minor errors encountered when moving to Qt5.1.
Fixed: The problem of using standard Qt layouts with group of RibonBar.
Fixed: Rendering RibonBar's elements to better fit the style of Microsoft Ribbon.

Version 3.0.0

Added: Support for Qt5.
Fixed: If the theme Windows 7 Basic is enabled then the main window border drawing incorrectly.
Fixed: In ribbon minimizing mode: Activation and initialize a modal dialog by pressing a button (which is on the ribbon) a button click event is skipping to the main window.
Fixed: Signal keyTipsShowing and value fo the flag m_keyTipsShowing are not synchronized.
Fixed: Incorrect rendering Popup-menu indicator in the QToolButton, if it is not on the ribbon.
Fixed: At times there are delays in drawing of the ribbon.
Fixed: Not expected movement position of the main window is appearing when you switch to FrameThemeEnabled mode.

Version 2.8.5

Bugfix: Incorrect rendering of the system menu 2007 style separator (the height of the separator was assigned incorrectly).
Bugfix: Correction Ribbon's tabs initialization on startup.
Bugfix: Keytips blocking.
Bugfix: Incorrect rendering of text in the ComboBox in select mode.
Bugfix: Error KeyTips activating if AltGr key is pressed.
Fixed other reported bugs.
Moved to Qt4.8.4.
Implementation of scrolling Ribbon's items if the items do not fit the screen.
Ribbon Group elements layout optimization (group can be optimized for 2 or 3 rows, like in MS-Word).
Controls in the StatusBar panel aligned in accordance the style of MS-Office.
Group of elements can be added to StatusBar panel (like in MS-Office).
Added methods setKeyTipsEnable(bool enable), isKeyTipsShowing() and signal keyTipsShowed(bool showed) to handle keytips behaviour.
Rendering Office stlye under 16 bits color system palette and under MacOSX.

Version 2.8.4

Bugfix: Rendering of the QTreeWidget in Office 2010 style does not work.
Bugfix: Problem in the OfficeStyle::drawItemViewItem function (crash and warning).
Bugfix: Rendering of scrollbars under Office 2010 Black theme.
Optimization and moving to the Qt 4.8.x

Version 2.8.3

Improvement OfficePopupWindow: The negative value of displayTime will block the window's automatic hiding.
Improvement RibbonToolTip: Info about shortcuts is showing in tooltips.
Improvement RibbonSystemButton: Added ability to setup the button color.
Bugfix: OfficePopupWindow is crashing if child widgets has been deleted.
Bugfix: Alignment of the internal widgets in OfficePopupWindow does not work properly.
Bugfix: Mouse click on left side of the tab invoked action of the button on the right side of the tab-bar.
Bugfix: Problem with rendering of the QToolButton in Qt::DownArrow mode.
Bugfix: Problem with rendering of the RibbonToolTips if length of the title is big.
Bugfix: Problem with rendering of the MDITabs and MDIArea.
Bugfix: Problem and crash if Windows color theme is changing.
Bugfix: Incorrect placement actions on RibbonBackstageView.
Bugfix: Crash in setDialogsIgnored(true) function if setStyleSheet(...) was used.

Version 2.8.2

Added new features:
New demo ribbonsystemmenu was added.
Improved system menu to better suit Office 2007 style. Now it is possible to add a page of sub-commands to a menu in the first level.
Optimization of the rendering of the Ribbon UI. Speed of rendering has improved by 50-70%.
Added functions to RibbonBar: QAction* RibbonBar::addAction(QAction* action, Qt::ToolButtonStyle style); and void RibbonGroup::setOptionButtonAction(QAction* action);
Added functions to RibbonToolTip to control text wrapping and icon showing: static void setWrapMode(WrapMode mode); static WrapMode wordWrap(); static void setShowIcon(bool show); static bool showIcon(); Bugfix: Not functioning fullscreen mode if setFrameThemeEnabled turn enabled on.
Bugfix: Error restoring state of the main window.
Bugfix: Correction of the crash of the group in popup mode with a large number of elements.
Bugfix: Problem with PopupMenu - skip the event "mouse click in child window."
Bugfix: Problem with contextual tabs if color and text the same.
Bugfix: Function removeAction is not works properly.
Bugfix: Positioning of the system buttons is not working in child windows in MDI case.
Bugfix: Right border of the RibbonBar draws with errors.
Bugfix: Crash the application if pass empty icon to the RibbonGroup::addMenu().
Bugfix: Indicator (DropDown - Arrow) incorrectly drawn in QToolButton if the Menu is available.
Bugfix: If RibbonBar is minimized signals currentPageChanged(int) and currentPageChanged(RibbonPage *) are not raised.
Bugfix: The application crashes when QListWidget's cells are drawing, if color is set.
Bugfix: Items in the groups are not aligned on the left side.
Bugfix: If action was added from ribbonBar()->addAction(...) then call action->setVisible() or action->setEnabled() has no effects.

Version 2.8.1

Bugfix: Rendering of the QTreeWidget in Office 2010 style does not work.
Bugfix: Problem in the OfficeStyle::drawItemViewItem function (crash and warning).
Bugfix: Rendering of scrollbars under Office 2010 Black theme.
- Optimization and moving to Qt 4.8.x.

Version 2.8

Added: method void RibbonBar::setKeyTip(QAction* action, const QString& keyTip); to set the specified key for ribbon keytips mechanism.
Added: support for scrolling ribbon tabs by mouse wheel.
Added: support for DPI system settings. Now font size can be binding to DPI installed in OS.
Improved the group's shrinking if it is not fully fit.
Implemented visibility setting for the gallery's items.
Added: new class OfficePopupWindow for showing Office like messages in the application.
Improved the behaviour of the QtDesigner plugin.
Fixed: QTableWidgetItem::setTextColor() does not have effect if RibbonStyle is used.
Fixed: Strange behavior with some widgets in a QWizardPage.
Fixed: Some problems to dock a QDockWidget when RibbonStyle is used.
Fixed: If i have some mdi opened and i arrange it tiled, the main window is moved.
Fixed other bugs that were found in the course of the project 2.8.

Version 2.7

Added support for HTML in the Ribbon Tooltips.
Added support for custom layout in group.
Added a special mode in which the Ribbon Group can be stretched in height. It depend on the height of the elements within it.
Added support to setting font for the entire Ribbon at once.
Added support to setting font for Ribbon's items and groups of each page individually.
Further development of automatic selection for icon's size to display the system button (now it is possible to set the icon in format *.ico and the most appropriate size will be selected to show the system button for cases if the ICO file contains images with several sizes).
Added ability to drag-and-drop the styles from QtDesigner component's palette to the QMainWindow.
Added Ribbon Bar, Ribbon Status Bar to the QtDesigner component's palette.
Fixed bug to show tooltips in MacOSX and Linux.
Fixed location of controls (minimize, maximize a child window) while QMdiArea is using.
Fixed incorrect frame displaying in the classic Windows's styles (Windows 7, Vista, XP).
Fixed tooltips positioning and displaying in Ribbon Gallery.
The sistem button has not properly drawing regarding quick panel.
Fixed drag-droping main window if setFrameEnabled() option is enabled in Office 2010 style.
Fixed a bug in the BackStageView control. If the main window has QDockWidget panels then they are always expanded.

Version 2.6

Added support for keytips.
Added new widget - backstage view. It's allows you to make a next generation menu.
Added ability to manage backstage view in Qt designer.
Added ability to block usage of the Ribbon of Office styles for dialogs.
Added ability to block closing galleries's popups.
Added functions to remove items from the specified gallery list.
Fixed tri-state check box paint flaw.
Fixed: I set Qt::DownArrow in qtoolbuton, it drawed incorrectly, but only if I use ribbon.
Fixed a crash in the ribbon's animation mechanism during dynamic re-creation of ribbon stuff.
Fixed a bug related to wrong title on the modified document of the main window (QWidget::setWindowModified).
Fixed: Adding a menu to the ribbon in the maximize handler does not have effects.
Fixed a series of drawing errors under Windows XP (or win7 with classic theme).
Fixed: When ribbon loses focus for another window (toolbar, for example) and mouse passes over the tabs of ribbonpage, the tabs of ribbonpages are not drawn correctly.
Fixed an issue with regards to the command execution by hotkeys, if QAction is not visible.
Fixed a bug - StatusBar's accelerator does not showing correctly.
Implemented a lot of small and large patches to increase stability and improve performance characteristics.

Version 2.5

Implemented minimize/maximize mechanism of the Ribbon Bar relative to the main window of the application.
Performed refactoring of the Ribbon styles.
Added a set of the Microsoft Office 2010 styles.
Added Windows 7 Scenik style.
Fixed known bugs.

Version 2.4

Fixed a problem in the function setVisible of the group in its reduction mode.
Fixed a crash of the application without system button.
Fixed the application fails under Windows XP operating system if setFrameThemeEnabled has been called.
Fixed crash of the application after cleaning ribbon from the pages.
Fixed a rendering problem of the checked feature in the popup-menu if the item's icons is exists.
Fixed a rendering problem of png-images for different sizes (which are defined in the QAction) for the ribbon and for the popup.
Fixed a problem switching tabs on the ribbon.
Fixed a bug in group's layouter when you install the text for the button beside the icon (setIconText).
Fixed problem with system button and Qt::ToolButtonFollowStyle style.
Fixed problem with calculating the size of main window title when the application starts (the coordinates of the title overlapped the tabs and nothing worked). The problem was solved only if you resize the main window.
Fixed many other bugs that are not critical.

Version 2.3

Switching to the MSVS2010.
Added support for AIR tehnology for Windows 7. (Windows platform only).
Support for Windows color scheme, both classical and standard Windows 7 (Windows platform only).
Added the ability to place a SYSTEM (round Office button) on the title of the main window (Windows platform only).
Added the ability to place the Quick Access Toolbar in main window title (Windows platform only).
Added ability to display the Contextual Tab on the main window title (Windows platform only).
Replaced font for default MS Office font.
A more accurate calculation of the ribbon bar layouter height.
Developed the ability to create a custom main window title to locate in it the SYSTEM button Quick Access Toolbar, as well as Contextual Tabs for ALL PLATFORMS.
Added the ability to scale the ribbon bar with different DPI font installed in the system.
Added ability to display the standard MS Office 2007 background in the main window, which contains QtitanRibbon bar.
Bugfix: Function isVisible() of the ribbon page worked is not properly
Bugfix: Drawing items of the QListWidget and QTreeWidget is not correct in Office 2007 style.
Bugfix. Placing the text in the header of the group (the tail of the letter "g" was cut off).
Fixed a problem with setChecked in the QMenu items.
Bugfix: The background of the tab page is not being drawn (should be the same colour as the tab).
Bugfix: The custom widget factory registered for widgets of class Qtitan::RibbonPage returned 0.
Bugfix: The group layoutis not correctly converted when you setup a text for a button via a QAction.
Bugfix: The Office 2007 style does not apply for elements in the QWebView.

Version 2.2

Bugfix - loyaut of the quick access bar buttons.
Bugfix - visual display of some controls.
Mac OS X font for ribbon control.
Option button has been added.
System menu button. Has the ability to add page to display a list of recently used files.
Has been strengthened RibbonStyle and Office2007Style styles for use in UI dialogs.

Version 2.1

Bugfixes for the painting mechanism under Mac OS X

Version 2.0

Added control - Ribbon gallery.
Added control - Contextual tab (tab can be green, blue. red, yellow, cyan, purple and orange).
Added White style to the Office 2007 UI style collection.
Fixed bug - layout elements on the ribbon.
Many small fixes to improve stability.
Implemented the possibility to create a ribbon page with null parent.
Improved API.
Updated documentation.

Version 1.0

Initial release.