Roadmap for 2018
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Roadmap for 2018

QtitanNavigation - the component will get a lot of changes. The main direction in development will be given to support of Fluent Design ( which Microsoft introduced in 2017 for UWP applications. The concept will be available not only for Windows 10 but also for Windows 7-8, Linux, MacOSX.

  • Application TitleBar customization. Ability to change the geometry of the TitleBar and paint on it using QStyle.
  • The ability to add QWidget to the non-client part of the TitleBar.
  • Use extendViewIntoTitleBar mode. For more information about this mode see this article
  • AcrylicWidget, special widget that implements the Acrylic material for the Qt application and has an ability to mix own brush based on tint color with blurred background. AcrylicWidget will support both blending modes "Background acrylic" and "In-app acrylic". More details about Acrylic material can be found here
  • NavigationView - control which implements an advanced hamburger menu.
  • NavigationParallaxView - control allows you to add various Parallax effects to the Qt application.
  • Other important controls.
  • Support for Fluent Design Style (Dark and Light).
  • Improved documentation.

QtitanDataGrid - grid has a lot of features, but some of the important functions have not been implemented yet. This year we will try to implement these.

  • TreeView and BandedTreeView - display and interaction with the tree data structure.
  • Drag-drop rows based on QAbstractItemModel::moveRow.
  • New flat style to work in Fluent Design concept.
  • Grid model controller optimization, to get rid of the GridRow list and create them on the fly upon request. This will reduce memory consumption in half at large amounts of data. 
  • Improved documentation.

QtitanChart - implementation of beautiful diagrams and charts for Qt applications.

  • Adding new series.
  • Adding OpenGL effects for comfortable perception of information by the user.
  • Displaying charts for matching the Fluent Design concept.
  • Optimization.
  • Improved documentation.

QtitanDocking - this year we will bring the component to full compatibility with Visual Studio docking.

  • Styles and icons.
  • Ability to dock panels on the central part of the window (tabbed interface).
  • Improved documentation.

QtitanRibbon - this year the component will be significantly reworked and will receive a number of new benefits.

  • Mechanism for working with styles will be completely rewritten. Colors, images and other data will be stored in a separated XML file.
  • Ability of Ribbon to work with the default style (which is installed in the system after running the Qt application).
  • Support for High-contrast themes Windows.  
  • Ability to customize the application TitleBar.
  • Correction of deficiencies in the Office family styles.
  • Adding missing controls.
  • A new Adobe family style will be added. This style is used in the latest Adobe products, for example in Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. The style will be available in several gradations of gray, as well as the ability to specify an arbitrary tone color on the basis of which all other colors of the style elements will be calculated.
  • Improved documentation.

Miscellaneous tasks and additional information.

  • Support for Qt 4 will be carried out before the end of this year. Further support for Qt 4 will be abandoned. All new functionality will be developing without the Qt 4 support.
  • Ability to build statically for all libraries.
  • Ability to build libraries without private Qt header files. In this case, some functionality will be lost.
  • Implementation the bindings for Python starting with version 3.



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