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We at Developer Machines do our best to make a components more comfortable to use, reliable and fast. Components are designed by Highly Qualified Specialists in Delphi, C++, 3D and CAD with years of experience.

If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with our components or products, not a problem, we provide no questions asked 45 days money-back guarantee.

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We are pleased to announce the release of version component for Qt.C++ - QtitanChart 4.0.0. Version contains many new tools and enhancements. Added opportunity to scroll and zoom a view of diagrams if it not fit on the screen. Tested on 1 million points. Added ability to drag a panoramic view of chart.

Now, the new version of QtitanChart has support of Qt models. You may have a SQL database with the data, or any other table data based on QAbstractItemModel, and you can quickly display these data in form of diagrams and charts.

We are pleased to announce that the version of the component FireDataGrid 1.1 has been released. Version 1.1 adds support for Mac OS X and support for Scroll Wheel Mouse in a grid view. In addition were fixed some critical bugs. Demo version for Mac OS X contains executable bundles which can be started without compiling. To download demo version for Windows or for Mac OS X please follow this link:

We are glad to inform what FireDataGrid 1.0 - db-aware grid for Delphi Firemonkey has been released.
Component allows to make a rich DB related application in Delphi with modern cross-platform engine Firemonkey. Grid supports Delphi XE6 IDE and can be used with any Delphi redistributable Firemonkey's Styles. Evaluation version available via Download page.

We are glad to inform what new version of QtitanChart 3.0 has been released.
This release includes support for the polar coordinate system and also fixes many accumulated errors that were registered by our users during operation with the component last time. Additionally, was added a function for optimizing display of point's labels. When chart has many points, for now, labels does not overlap on each other and are placed optimally on the view depending on chart data and chart types.

We are glad to inform what new version of QtitanRibbon 3.2.5 has been released. Release fixes many rendering issues that were registered.



We are glad to inform what new version of QtitanRibbon 3.2.4 has been released.
This release fixes reported bugs and adds new Office 2013 Dark theme.

We are pleased to announce that version FireDataGrid 1.0 beta 3 for Delphi XE6 (Firemonkey) has been released.
Version is quite stable and can be considered as a release candidate. This demo version adds two examples.
MultiSelectDemo - demonstrates the ability to work in several selection modes (single row, multiple rows, single cell
many cells, selection with rubber band and etc.). CustomEditorDemo - demonstrates the ability to embed custom cell editor to the grid view. In the example are being reviewed two options of the editors, based on embedded TControl and direct integration (something like a custom draw). In all demo examples, added an ability to choose vertical scrolling by pixels or by rows. Download Demo for Delphi - XE6


We are glad to inform what second beta version of FireDataGrid 1.0 (DB-Grid for Delphi Firemonkey) has been released. In this beta-2 version many features were ported from QtitanDataGrid (Qt version). Features are - banded table view, frozen rows (top or/and bottom on the view), frozen columns (left or/and right of the view), filtering, summaries, multi-column's sorting, grouping by column and many others. Many bugs were fixed relative to beta-1 version. Demo version contains compiled binaries for review and design time plugin for Delphi XE5 IDE. Component is not available for sale yet, but if you're ready to start use the component now, contact us for pricing and obtaining a 25% discount from the price. Final version of the component is scheduled for release during the month with the support of Delphi XE6 as a target development environment.


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