Roadmap Development 2020/2021
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Roadmap Development for 2020-2021

Qt.C++ Development Plan - Development and improving Qtitan components for Qt solution


QtitanDataGrid – we have prepared the following items to the grid development:
  • Implementation of trees support
  • TreeView and BandedTreeView, display and interaction with the tree data structure.
  • Adding support for mobile devices IOS and Android.
  • Support for new Qtitan styles.
  • Fixing the bugs.
QtitanNavigationDesignUI – there will be the following functions added in the next component version:
  • New EdgeNavigationFrame widget implementation – a perfect opportunity to control pages in navigation like it is made in Microsoft Edge web brouser (web pages tabs).
  • Adding an animation to NavigationBar.
  • Support for new Qtitan styles.
  • Fixing the bugs.
QtitanRibbon – we are planning a huge component update that will include:
  • Support for Simplified Ribbon interface, like in Microsoft 365.
  • Support for layout for Right to Left languages (RTL).
  • Ribbon Keytips - as a separate solution for any complex QWidget linked to QAction.
  • Setting a consequence to minimize groups.
  • Improving Ribbon Gallery QWidget and developing new controls based on it.
  • Improving Ribbon BackstageView and developing new template pages.
  • Adding Acrylic background to RibbonBar in Windows and MacOS (Linux will not be supported).
  • Fixing the bugs.
QtitanDocking new features and update release:
  • Autohide for DockWidgetPanel in floating panel mode.
  • Support for layout for Right to Left languages (RTL).
  • Optimizing the panel layouts operating. Removing QWidget dependencies.
  • Improving floating mode operating for DockToolBar.
  • Optimizing drag-drop operation.
  • Ability to pin DockToolBar in custom position at main application window.
  • Ability to resize DockToolBar by the mouse in floating mode.
  • API to control layout of DockToolBar, opportunity to set column and row count.
  • Customizing DockToolBar with a menu.
  • Implementation of subordinate DockToolBar.
  • Opportunity to insert an optional widgets (QWidget) to DockTitleBar item.
  • Ability to configure orientation of DockTitleBar - horizontal or vertical.
  • Developing DockMenuBar. It should works in floating mode and be dockable at any window sides.
  • DockMenuBar customizing.
  • Designer plugin implementation.
  • API improving.
  • Fixing the bugs.
QtitanChart - update release:
  • Implementing new series and optimizing already existing ones.
  • Table presentation of a legend.
  • Approximation of smooth curves with standard math methods.
  • Developing 3D presentation XYZ axes and 'walls' for existing series.
  • Interactive mode developing. Opportunity to edit values by inputting number values in editor or by visual direct editing with mouse (drag-drop).
  • Performance of diagram rendering.
  • Improving API.
  • Fixing the bugs.
Miscellaneous tasks related to the development:
  • Moving all Qtitan styles into a separate library - QtitanStyle.dll
  • Developing for new styles (Office 2019, Microsoft 365, Universal App and etc)
  • Improving XML format for style configuration.
  • Improving for StyleSheet support.
  • Qtitan Style Designer to create a new styles and to edit existing.
  • Improvements in Python (PySide2) support for all Qtitan components.

Delphi Development Plan - Development and improving of DevMachies components for Delphi.FMX (Firemonkey)


FireDataGrid – The following items are planned, which will be added soon:
  • CardView implementation. It allows represent a data rows as a card.
  • Vertical or horizontal layout allows to get the grid in which it is possible to scroll the data horizontally.
  • Improving filter dialogs and selecting boxes. Adding a scrollbar to menu for columns selection, if there are many items and they cannot fit on the screen.
  • Fixing the bugs and adding support for coming versions of Delphi.
FireDocking – new component release that is oriented to desktop business application in Windows, Linux and MacOS:
  • Implementing dockable panels by analogy with Microsoft Visual Studio 2019.
  • Support the floating mode.
  • Support the auto-hiding mode.
  • Support for documents dock panels – special panels that are served by special method. For example, you could see these in Visual Studio environment when you edit the source code.
  • Support for Firemonkey standard themes.


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