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FireDataGrid Built-in Views and Layouts

Classic grid view with horizontal column's header in one row.
Grid view when a row of tabular data is presented as a card.
View Zooming
Effective zoom for the view, which allows you to quickly increase or decrease the font size and grid elements for easy analysis of tabular data.
Advanced grid view that allows you unite columns, combining them into bands.
Save/Load Layout to XML
Grid ships with convenient mechanisms for storing the view layout into XML.
Vertical or Horizontal Layout
Ability to display columns horizontally (by the default) or vertically then the column headers arranging one below the other, forming the vertical grid.

Gеt more about our Grid component for Delphi(FMX)

FireDataGrid is a modern DataGrid control to display tabular data in enterprise's business applications that are developing in Delphi(FMX) Firemonkey. Grid uses the paradigm View - DataModel.  So it makes it suitable for using in DB-aware scheme: GridView-TDataSource-TDataSet. High productivity in working and displaying large amounts of data is achieved in the virtual mode of creating rows that are visible on the screen only. Component implements functional that required to create business applications across the enterprise with maximum productivities.

FireDataGrid Shapes of Data and Presentation Management

Allows sort data in column or several columns without support of sorting in connected data provider.
Allows to group data by one or several columns.
Able to work directly with the data source or to store data in the grid inside.
Works with all types of TDataSet.

FireDataGrid Layout Customization

A quick way to show or hide the desired columns (band columns) at runtime or from the code.
The mode replicates the behavior and visual representation of the grouping method used in Microsoft Outlook.
Allows to freeze some columns at the left or at the right of the grid's view to prevent horizontal scrolling of them.
Allows to freeze rows at the top or bottom of the grid's view to prevent vertical scrolling of them.
Automatic adjustment of columns width at the view.
Automatic rows height adjustment at the view.
Preview additional information that refers to the row from a data source. Convenient for organizing the Master-Detail views.

FireDataGrid Data Editing and Validation

Special row to create, edit and add a new record or item to the table.
Provides the ability to delete a row or item through the context pop-up menu or through the API.
The grid ships with a large set of in-place cell editors for all known data types and other common occasions.
Lets you verify the entered value before placing the data in the data source. Correct the value or completely cancel the input.

FireDataGrid Filtration and Analytics Tools

Allows quickly filtering the rows by the values contained in the cells in a single column on the manner as it is done in Microsoft Excel AutoFilter feature.
For advanced users, the grid has an interface for creating filtering conditions programmatically from the code.
Lets to enter a search string and find all rows and entries containing the entered text. Founded text is highlighted.
Popup window for managing filter history.
Advance filter dialog to create filtering conditions for several columns at once.
Allows you create a new or edit an existing filter promptly.
Allows to calculate the summary for the column and show it to the end-user.
It is possible to show the summaries for the group of rows.
The background color, text color, and the text value in the summary cell are easily customizable.

FireDataGrid Look and Feel and Cross-Platform

Uses standard Delphi (FMX) styles for rendering grid controls.
Developed to be native and cross-platform for 32 or 64 bits app.

FireDataGrid Optimized to work Fast

Uses a fast painting engine to draw grid primitives.
Algorithm to speed up data scrolling by the end-user.
Ultra-fast processing of large data sets loaded into the grid. 100.000+ rows it is not a problem at all.

Download FireSolution 2021.1.1 for FireMonkey (Delphi 10.3Rio/10.4 Sydney) Free 30 Days Trial

Date of release: 04.30.2021

 Components for Delphi.FMX (Windows)
Binaries and Delphi Sydney DCUs for building under Windows 32 bits, MacOS 64 bits and for Next Gen 64 bits compiler under Windows and MacOS target platforms. Demo version for Windows contains executable files (*.exe) which can be started without compiling for quick evaluation.
Components for Delphi.FMX (MacOS)
Demo version for MacOS contains 64 bits executable bundles (*.app) ONLY which can be started without compiling for quick evaluation. If you wish to evaluate component in a development process please use Windows variant of installer and make a build for MacOS from Delphi IDE.




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