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We are pleased to announce that the FastInfoset project is available to our customers. FastInfoset is a streaming implementation of reading and writing XML documents to a binary file. In other words, FastInfoset is a compressed XML. If you use QXmlStreamWriter/QXmlStreamReader in your app then you can add support for FastInfoset easily, just replace these classes to FastInfosetStreamWriter/FastInfosetStreamReader. The programming interface and behaviour of FastInfosetStreamWriter replecates QXmlStreamWriter, FastInfosetStreamReader replecates QXmlStreamReader. So the QXmlStreamWriter writes data to XML as a text, FastinfosetStreamWriter writes data to XML in a binary form. As a result, the size of the final file is noticeably smaller and the speed of data reading is faster. The component is implemented in QtitanFastInfoset.dll library and is provided free of charge as part of any of our products. Therefore, now for DataGrid, Docking, Ribbon UI components, it is possible to save/restore settings in XML as text or as a binary compressed stream as you wish. To demonstrate this ability, we have updated all of our demo examples.

In addition to compressed XML support, we have fixed many bugs. In Docking component, the auto-hide panel's animation mechanism has been refactored, now the animation is smoother and can be configured via API - delay, animation curve. Fixed errors in the DataGrid when working with a filter for tree view. Fixed bugs for styles and customization of the title bar of the main window. Other minor improvements.

We are pleased to announce the release of update for Qtitan serie of components. The update is aimed at supporting for Python based on Qt (PySide2), fixing the bugs found and improving the quality. The development was migrated to Qt 6.2.3. Errors specific for different platforms have been fixed - under MacOS and Linux. Fixed several minor bugs at Windows 11 and style rendering bug under MacOS Big Sur. Added some examples for Python and improved installation of Python bindings.

Developer Machines wishes a Happy New Year 2022 and we thank our customers for productive work during the last year. We wish you success, avoid pandemic problems and prosperity!

Once again, we thank you for working with us and we give to all Happy New Year 25% discount for any new licenses or license renewal during the whole of January. Discount will be applied automatically at checkout!

Best wishes, Developer Machines Team!

We are pleased to announce the release update for Qtitan components with Qt6 support. In the final version, we fixed most bugs that were found during beta testing. Now you have access to important improvements as:

  • QtitanDataGrid 7 now has support for TreeView and BandedTreeView. Significant code refactoring was performed, which allowed fix long-standing problems and speed up rendering. Various performance and functionality improvements have been made in almost all parts.
  • QtitanRibbon 6, support for simplified mode was added and the component has improved its appearance by including a blurred background as a backstage for ribbon bar, the so-called Acrylic Material Widget. Deep redesign of the source code for most subsystems - key-tips, layout, pages, groups, backstage view was made. Added animation when switching the tabs and improved work of the plugin for QtDesigner. Many improvements in style rendering.
  • QtitanNavigationDesignUI 3 has two new widgets - NavigationEdgeFrame and NavigationEdgeView. Also improved reveal light effect on buttons.
  • QtitanDocking 4 has new API to restore panels layout from XML. Fixed problems with z-order when dragging panels. For Linux version, it became possible to use docking when the Composition setting is disabled in UX Window Manager.
  • QtitanChart 6.1 can now be used in Qt6 and it is fully compatible with other components.

We are happy to announce the release of the beta version of QtitanRibbon 6 component. The main features are Qt6 support and a new layout algorithm with support for Ribbon Simplified mode. Besides, significantly increased ribbon bar initialization speed, which is beneficial affects the speed launch of the final app as a whole. Improved work of the plugin for Qt designer. Added animation for switching pages and scroll animation for tabs. Added the ability to make the background of the ribbon bar blurry and semi-transparent (Acrilyc brush). Fixed many bugs that were found in the current version 5.x.

The source code of the latest version was uploaded to the customer's personal account, as well as binary installation of libraries for Qt 5.15.2 and for Qt 6.2.2. MS Windows version are currently available. MacOS and Linux versions will be available soon.

We are happy to announce the release of the beta version of QtitanDocking 4.0 component. The component now has Qt6 support and a redesigned mechanism for saving/restoring layout to/from XML. Now it is possible to create panels by request at the time of loading the XML, which were created when saving. Additionally, component version contains many improvements and code refactoring.

We are pleased to announce that a set of the components for Qt6 were updated. Components QtitanDataGrid 7.0 updated to beta 2, QtitanNavigationDesignUI 3.0 updated to beta 2, QtitanChart 6.1 updated to beta 1.

We are pleased to announce the beta version release of QtitanNavigationDesignUI 3 component. The version contains a new widgets - Qtitan::NavigationEdgeView and Qtitan::NavigationEdgeFrame. Instead of the old NavigationOptions class that was used to customize the color palette, we have now added ColorizedStyle class. It repeats the NavigationOptions interface so you can migrate quickly.Improved a beautiful feature - the mouse over light effect on the buttons (Reveal Effect). The effect has become almost indistinguishable from the original one, which is used in Microsoft libraries. Also the Designer Plugin was refactored to increase its editing capabilities in the design-time.
QtitanNavigationDesignUI 3 supports build for Qt6. This beta version can work with Qt6.0.0 to Q6.0.4. A little later we will add the support for actual version of Qt6.2 and a greater.

Registered users can download the source codes of the new version in their personal account in the section - licenses. For Enterprise Customers, in addition to the binary installer, source codes are available in the tar.gz archive. Please use our forums and boards if you would like to leave feedback or suggestions, as well as inform us about any bugs found. Or write to us directly - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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