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We sincerely congratulate our customers and partners on the upcoming New Year! Thank you so much for staying with us during this difficult time! We really appreciate your loyalty and wish you good luck, success, prosperity and fruitful work in the New Year! We will continue make effort to provide you with quality solutions and components for development. Happy New Year 2024!


We are pleased to announce the release of the QtitanDataGrid 8 component. In the final version, we have fixed all the errors that were found during the beta testing period. Additionaly, added Spanish translation, improved work under MacOS and adapted the component for PySide6. Speedup rendering procedure and many other improvements.


We are pleased to announce the release of updated version QtitanRibbon component. In this version we have redesigned the customization for the actions inside the ribbon quick access bar. Added transparent scrollbars for ribbon galleries and refactoring animation. Fixed bugs in styling and other minor issues.


At the beginning of this year, we announced the start of work on creating the DC Studio Tool, tool which will allow to develop the visual styles in Adobe XD and then import them into Qt. We have done a lot of tasks in this area over the past six months, but the amount of work to be very big. Among other things, the future of the XD format and Adobe’s policy after purchasing the Figma project are not clear to us. Therefore, we decided support the Figma format too, which added additional loads for the developers. As a result, the project still not completed and we are forced to shift the release date to 2024 year.

In the near future, we intend to focus on releasing updates to our components without support AdobeXD-based styles and will be ready to publish some news about this project in early 2024 year.


We are pleased to announce the release of a new version of the component QtitaDataGrid 8 beta.

Version 8 contains many new features but primarily the changes in the code architecture. The result of this changing is that the grid now inherits from the QAbstractScrollArea class. The new version supports kinetic scrolling for the rows by the mouse wheel. This is best used in conjunction with the pixel scrolling mode. This kinetic scroll mode is enabled together with the transparent scrollbars mode. Transparent scrollbars, in turn, provide a greater overview of the grid data.

The mechanism for supporting touch events and gestures for working on touchpads has also been redesigned and improved. Using gestures, you can scroll and zoom the data. Zooming can also be operated with a kinetic effect. In the current version, we have redesigned the rows layout so that they are become more flatter. Now the row header can be removed, if this is done the row fixation or selection icons are placed directly at the beginning of the grid row. In addition, we have changed the design of the field chooser window. At the screenshot below you can see how it looks now. A toolbar with frequently used commands has appeared on the grouping panel. You can add custom widgets to this toolbar, which can be buttons that are frequently used by users.To enable greater customization of grid design, we have improved support for QCSS. In the screenshot below you can see an example of such customization.

In addition to new features, we have fixed a number of bugs that were found in version 7.6 and rendering optimization has been performed. Rendering speed will be much better if the grid uses many columns.

The source codes of the new version for beta testing can be downloaded in the personal account of registered customers.

Below are a few screenshots showing the new version of the grid:


We are pleased to announce the release of the next component update for Qt. The main feature of this update is Python bindings support for Qt6 - PySide6. For convenience, in this release we added two python variables DevMachines.__pyside2__, DevMachines.__pyside6__ so that python code can detect the Qt platform - PySide2 or PySide6. Just check these variables and you will know the platform. See our demo examples for more details.
Another important feature is the redesigned main window customization engine - Qtitan::WindowTitleBar. In Windows OS implementation, we got rid of the hook SetWindowLongPtrW(.., GWLP_WNDPROC,..) and replaced it to the regular Qt manner - QAbstractNativeEventFilter. As a result of code refactoring, we fixed the error of blocking the main window in the case when a native widget, QQuickWidget or QWebEngineView appears on it.
The QtitanDataGrid implementation has been improved with the ability customization via QCSS. For example, you can customize checkboxes. Fixed German translation and other minor bugs.
QtitanFastInfoset component fixes the bug of crashing when parsing large files. We also optimized the work of the parser FastInfoset through the use QUuid compression and unnecessary conversions of QString to QStringView(QStringRef) and vise versa.

Developer Machines wishes Merry Christmas and New Year! We wish you success in your productive work and in development of your products next year. We will continue to make every effort to provide you with useful and quality components. During the Christmas holidays, we offer a 30% discount on new licenses and 20% on renewals. The discount is applied automatically. Once again, happy New Year 2023!

Sincerely Yours Developer Machines Team!

We are pleased to announce that we have begun work on a tool that will allow to create Qt Styles without writing any code. Temporary name for this utility - DC Studio Tool. The files developed in Adobe XD will be used as the initial template. The first version of DC Studio Tool will be used as Adobe XD file viewer with the ability to export the data into a special file format (XML/FastInfoset) for later loading into the Qt application. We are planning to implement viewer with support for all basic Adobe XD shapes including complex objects - mask, picture, gradients, compound shapes, repeated grid, text, components, component's states and etc.

The idea is very simple, the style is drawn in Adobe XD (following certain rules for document structure), then it can be used in Qt. Our DC Studio Tool will be used as an intermediate step between Adobe XD and Qt. In the future, perhaps it will be possible to use DC Studio Tool to develop a style without Adobe XD at all and use it as an alternative to Adobe XD. Development is already underway and we already have basic capabilities for viewing Adobe XD files.

Below are a few screenshots showing the same file document in Adobe XD and DC Studio Tool:


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