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We at Developer Machines do our best to make a components more comfortable to use, reliable and fast. Components are designed by Highly Qualified Specialists in Delphi, C++, 3D and CAD with years of experience.

If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with our components or products, not a problem, we provide no questions asked 45 days money-back guarantee.

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This version adds a light effect to the buttons, as was done in the original Windows Fluent Design user interface. The light appears when you move your mouse over the button. The inner background and the separate frame border are highlighted as a light. For some buttons, the border is highlighted separately. When you click on the button with the light effect, the pressing is accompanied by light animation.


Bug-fixes updates for QtitanRibbon 5.6, QtitanChart 6.0.7 and QtitanDocking 3.4 components were released. In this update the base library QtitaBase version 1.4.0 is used. The update fixes compilation errors for older versions of Qt5.x, improves work with QAction, improves integration with Windows 10 and a number of others. In addition, added the ability to build a component with QT_NO_CAST_FROM_ASCII define and optimization by using a string literals QStringLiteral instead of QLatin1String.

We are pleased to announce that the first beta version of the new FireDocking 1.0 beta 1 component for Delphi Firemonkey has been released. In the current preview version, the following features of docked panels are implemented, which will be included in the final version: the ability to detach the panel and make it floating on the screen, or hide the panels along the edges of the form and make them as the Auto-Hide panels. Support for double click at the panel's title bar (detach the panel or return it to the memorized place). Split pane containers and tabbed pane containers support without restrictions.

The component supports the ability to hide the central docking area, thereby providing the concept - dock anywhere. The component supports any themes and styles that come with Delphi RAD Studio. FireDocking can be deployed to any FMX.TControl inside the app. One application can have several independent docking frameworks deployed on a different FMX.TControl if needed. Also presented is a simple design-time package for Delphi IDE, which allows you put on the docking manager onto the FMX form.

Note, the current version does not contain the following features that will be included into the final version - the ability to save and restore docking layout to/from XML file and MacOS support.

You can download a preview beta version here - FireDockingInstaller1.0.0b1_RAD_Sydney_10.4Trial.exe.


We are pleased to announce the release of the next update for a serie of components for Qt - QtitanRibbon 5.5.0, QtitanDataGrid 6.6.0, QtitanDocking 3.3.0, QtitanNavigationDesignUI 2.0.7 and QtitanChart 6.0.6 were released! This update is aimed at improving quality and does not contain any new features. Critical bugs were fixed, as well as minor improvements in various parts. Improved work in HighDPI mode on multiple monitors. Rendering for the styles has become more detailed. Improvements for PySide2 binding have been added for all our components. More classes are now available from Python.


We are happy to announce the release of the QtitanDocking 3.2.0 component. This release is very much revised version that includes improved dock panels architecture and style rendering. Docking has become much smoother, unwanted offsets are gone when using the Qt::WA_NativeWindow attribute for the app. Improved work in High DPI resolution. Please take into account that on all platforms we use a native (system) drag for windows. That is, the drag and drop operation is performed by the kernel of the OS window manager and not through emulation like other do.

Support for the component in MacOS has been significantly improved. We've spent a lot of time making our docking component look native on a MacOS, although docking is not typical user interface on it. But with our implementation, your application will look professional in MacOS. Take a look at the screenshots below, it's hard to believe but they were made on a MacOS.


We are pleased to announce the release of the component - QtitanDataGrid 6.5.0. This update adds more rules for customizing the grid through the Qt-StyleSheet. For now, columns and cells that have focus or have selections can be customized separately. Added support for Android devices and WebAssembly. Improved work on High DPI monitors - the size of the buttons now corresponds to the display resolution. Added many other improvements and bug fixes that were reported.


We are pleased to announce that the QtitanRibbon 5.4.0 component has been released. The update contains many minor fixes for the MS Office style rendering, improved style support for QtitanDataGrid component. The version supports Qt5.15.


Minor updates for QtitanChart 6.0.5 and QtitanNavigationDesignUI 2.0.6 components were released. In this update the base library QtitaBase version 1.3.1 is used, which allows using components in one app. The updated versions support Qt5.15 and contain fixes in styles and mechanism for the window title bar customization.

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