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We are pleased to announce that components QtitanRibbon 5, QtitanDataGrid 6, QtitanNavigationDesignUI 2 and QtitanChart 6 with Python (PySide2) support have been released. In the final versions, we fixed all the errors that were found during the beta testing phase. Many thanks to everyone who actively participated in beta testing and helped us to improve the quality of components!

Now new MS-office and Adobe Photoshop styles for Qt applications are available for you, optimized rendering, High DPI support for multiple monitors, the ability to customize the native title bar of the top level window. Well, of course, Python support based on PySide2. The python version is available for Developer cross-platform licenses and Enterprise licenses. Installations are made on the basis of the latest version of Qt 5.13.0. The python version is available for Python 3.6-3.7. If you need a version for Python 2.7, then you need to rebuild the component from the source codes for this platform.

We are pleased to announce the release of QtitanDocking 2.4. Fixed a memory corruption issue on docking structure rearrangement and on exit app as well as a number of other problems.


We are pleased to inform you that we have updated components QtitanDataGrid 6, QtitanRibbon 5, QtitanChart 6, QtitanNavigationDesignUI 2 that are in beta testing. We have improved support for Python/PySide2 build script. Fixed many bugs that were found in the previous month. Added Python/PySide2 support for Linux. For now all components depend on the same QtitanBase.dll that allows you to use them in one app without conflicts.

We are pleased to announce the release of QtitanDataGrid 6.0.0 beta 2. In the current version, we have added more QSS properties to customize the visual representation of the grid. Now you have the opportunity to customize the popup dialogs - GridColumnsQuickCustomization, GridColumnFilterPopup. Added the ability to save the status of the search panel and the summaries of the groups and footer summaries to the xml layout file. Other improvements and bug fixes.

We are pleased to announce the release of QtitanDocking 2.3. We fixed a number of problems that appeared in the previous version. Fixed bug with working with old OpenGL widget. Improved resize smoothness. Fixed problems with saving and restoring docking layout. Fixed bug when working under Linux Ubuntu 18 (KDE and Gnome).

We are pleased to announce the release of QtitanChart 6.0.0 beta 1. Now the chart and diagrams component supports Python based on PySide2. Additionally, the version improves the work with Windows 10 and added support for Qt5.12.

We are pleased to announce the release of QtitanDocking 2.2. The version fixes several important problems in the work of the save/restore layout mechanism. Fixed crashes app on panel dragging.

We are pleased to announce the release of version QtitanDataGrid 6 beta 1 with Python support! In QtitanDataGrid 6, we added support for Python, maked a code optimization to reduce memory usage and reduced time for the grid initialization. The previous version of the grid had a QList of all rows inside the grid. This led to unreasonable consumption of memory, which was well noticeable in large tables. In version 6, we removed this list, which ultimately reduced memory consumption by 10-15% by our tests. However, this will require minor user's code changes when migrating to version 6. Now the grid returns GridRow object by value (GridRow &) but not as before the reference to it (GridRow *).

Another potential performance problem of QtitanDataGrid 5 was the mechanism of embedding the QWidget into the grid cell. We use a hidden scene to insert a widget into a cell that initializes the QWidget with the Qt::WA_DontShowOnScreen attribute. The implementation of this flag in Qt leads to the creation of a hidden native window. As a result, for each grid cell that has QWidget a native window is created, which greatly slows down the initialization of the grid. This problem is completely solved in version QtitanDataGrid 6 and now the grid is initialized 2 or 3 times faster than before. The problem is well demonstrated in this screenshot:

Version 6 has support for Python based on PySide2 (Qt5.12). Separate installation allows you to fully abstracted from C++. By installing the package for Python, you got the Python bindings for the grid and all the demo examples that are migrated to Python. Unfortunately, in order to work properly with Python, we had to change some enumerators to initialize the grid. To facilitate the migration of your code that worked with version 5 we added the file QtitanGridMigration_V5_V6.h. You need to include this file wherever you use grid 5 immediately after the grid include file. Among other things, we fixed a set of minor errors, improved the work with Windows 10 and added support for Qt 5.12.


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