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We are pleased to announce the release of the component QtitanNavigationDesignUI (old product name QtitanNavigation) version 2.0 beta 1. This version has the support for Python 3 based on Qt for Python - PySide2. It contains fixes for Windows 10, support for Qt5.12 and other improvements. The trial version can be downloaded at this link.

We congratulate all our Customers and site Visitors on New 2019 Year! As usual in the New Year holidays we are pleased to offer You a discount for the purchase of new licenses and the renewal of old ones. 25% for new and 20% for renewal. Discounts will be applied automatically and will be valid until February 2019. If for some reason a discount has not been applied to your order, please let us know, we will adjust the amount in the order.


We are pleased to announce the release of the first public version of QtitanRibbon 5.

QtitanRibbon 5 has a new progressive style which will appeal to users of the product - Adobe Photoshop Style. Another important feature of the new version is support for Qt system styles and Fusion style. Support for system styles allows look application that uses Ribbon UI more natively. On Windows like Ribbon in Explorer, on Linux like GTK or KDE on Mac like original OSX style. Support for system styles no longer blocks the usage of StyleSheet in the Ribbon UI. Therefore, you can edit the controls on the Ribbon using CSS.

In addition to the new code of style rendering, the version has the Python support based on Qt5.12 framework and PySide2. While we were developing Python support, we simplified the bindings compiling process. QtitanRibbon for Python build scripts are different from the PySide2 build scripts. So the script is based on qmake script only and does not require the installation of CMake at all. On the rest QtitanRibbon is fully compatible with PySide2. After installation you will find a set of Python demo examples that demonstrate is how product can be used. Other our components will be adopted to the Python to the end of February 2019.

To the new version was added a demo example that demonstrates the ability to customize the Window Title Bar. Now it is very simple to add common QWidget like Search Bar or Login Button (Logout) to the title bar. Version available as a beta1. Sources are available on our web-site in the personal account download section. Demo version available on the QtitanRibbon product page.

Version for Mingw uses 64-bit architecture, but version for Visual Studio 2017 is 32-bit. For Linux and MacOSX the build will be available next week. Note: Please note that the version for Python is available for owners of the Enterprise License and Cross-Platform Licenses. For other users, a trial version is available for Windows 32 and Python 3.7.

QtitanRibbon 5 project has entered to the final stage of development. In the upcoming version, the code of style rendering was refactored. The style details, such as - colors, palettes, metrics, images for drawing primitives and etc. are now in a separate XML file. This will make it quite easy to customize the style of the app elements to fit your company design guideline. In addition, Ribbon UI rendering was moved to the style side in many parts. Therefore, now the Ribbon UI can work with system styles even with CSS enabled or for example with the QFusionStyle style.

To the existing Microsoft Office styles, we have added an implementation of the style that is used in the Adobe product family - Qtitan::AdobeFamilyStyle. For instance in Adobe Photoshop 2018. This style supports 4 color gradations ranging from black to light-gray.

QtitanRibbon 5 will support window title bar customization - add custom widgets, manage the title bar painting, frame configuration, expand the non-client window title bar area on the window client area. An evaluation version will be available at the end of this month.

Below some screenshots are available:

QtitanRibbon 5 works with system style (Windows 10)

QtitanRibbon 5 works with system style (Windows 10)

QtitanRibbon 5 Adobe-family style (Black theme)

QtitanRibbon 5 Adobe-family style (Dark Gray theme, default)

QtitanRibbon 5 Adobe-family style (Gray theme)

QtitanRibbon 5 Adobe-family style (Light Gray theme)

QtitanRibbon 5 Adobe-family style for QtitanDocking component

QtitanRibbon 5 Adobe-family style Qt Widgets

We are pleased to announce the release of the QtitanDataGrid 5.22 component. In this version, was revised and improved the feature of automatic scrolling of rows and columns during a drag-drop operation, if they are not visible on the screen. The end-user can control the scroll speed. The nearer the mouse cursor is to the edge of the invisible area, the more the scrolling speed increased. Now it works when dragging the columns and when dragging the rows from other sources and inside the grid.
Also fixed a few minor errors, improved work with combo boxes and added a signal to the view to control column visibility.

We are pleased to announce the release of the QtitanDataGrid 5.21 component. In current version we introduce Filter Editor feature that can be used to edit grid filter criteria. Filter Editor allows you to create a filter from scratch or edit existing conditions. Filter conditions are formed as a tree with "column-operator-value" comparison operation items. To disable the Filter Editor just turn off it via view->options().setAllowFilterEditor(false);

See screenshot:

In this version the design of the footer panel was improved. We replaced the icons and added the animation to the buttons. Now the panel is represented schematically as follows:

For all our customers we are happy to offer a discount this Autumn. Until the end of September 2018, you can buy a new licenses for our components with a 25% discount or renew your existing and not expired licenses with an additional 20% discount. Discount applies automatically. Do not hesitate to send us your wishes and suggestions as well as new ideas that you would like to see implemented in our products. We wish pleasant purchases!

We are glad to announce that QtitanDataGrid 5.20 component has been released and available for download. In this version, the qtrdbgrid.dll library was divided into two parts: QtitanBase.dll and QtitanGrid.dll. It was done to avoid conflict with other components in a single app. Also fixed bugs that were registered and reproduced.

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